Wellness sounds, well, too abstract. 

We've creating training and tools that make wellness tangible, so you become healthy and happy, in a clear way. 

Have you been frustrated by training that's:

Abstract and intangible?

All the talk about wellness and mental health can sound airy-fairy, and you leave the training not really sure what you take away. 

Difficult to implement?

Wellness can sound like something that's in the mind. How do you put it into practice? How do you make it work? 


Don't snore. We've been there. Training that's absolutely boring, full of powerpoint slides, and little real hands-on activities. 

We make concepts real and tangible. 

We teach abstract concepts about the mind in a real way. Like celebrating yourself? We tell learners to write a letter of love to themselves. 

We teach so that there are physical takeaways for what can often be difficult concepts to understand. 

We provide physical tools to accompany your learning. 

We love design. That's why our training differs from everyone else. We design our own products, to use within the training. 

The postcards that accompany our emotional health training

They say

John devaney

John has an easy delivery style that can convey complex information in ways which enhance understanding and learning.”

Professor John Devaney - Professor of Social Work, University of Edinburgh

His honest sharing created an open and vulnerable space for students and invited many questions from students about a socially taboo topic. 

Dr Chew Tyng Yong - Consortium Director, Hwa Chong Institution 

My communication skills in general have been enhanced due to the specific, individual analysis John conducted on every aspect 

Bethan Jones - Masters' Student

Our training offer

Craft Your Wellbeing - build your own emotional first-aid kit 

This 2-hour workshop is created for young adults, and is designed to give them a set of emotional tools to deal with the emotional scrapes of life. They will learn how to: 

  • Raise their self-esteem by writing a letter of love to themselves, allowing them to celebrate their qualities 
  • Ground themselves by using aromatherapy and mindfulness practices 
  • Be more patient and resilient by hand stitching their own names 
  • Feel socially connected with pictures 

the mind body soul connection - be healthy and happy with 10 minutes a day 

This 2-hour workshop enhances the mind-body-soul connection of learners by using a mix of physical and emotional exercises. Learners will learn how to: 

  • Let go of their natural inhibitions by engaging in a partner dance routine, raising their self-esteem 
  • Tune into themselves, through a combination of yoga and breathing exercises 
  • Grow in being vulnerable, and the skills to engage with someone else's vulnerability by going on a joint walk with someone else, sharing, and also listening to the other party 

Never let you go - grieving and living after covid 

The uncomfortable feeling you have, has to do with grief. You hope that things will go back to normal. How do you move on? In this training, learners will: 

  • Share about what they have missed from COVID 
  • Write out what they have missed from COVID, read it out to the class, and burn it together with everyone else, as a physical act of moving on 
  • Build their own memory box from COVID, inserting things of significance to them, as a way of helping them to store away unhappy memories

It's as easy as 1-2-3. 

We would love to chat with you about your needs! 


Think about what's the problem you're currently facing in your organisation. 


Think about the things you've tried before, and how they have worked out. 


Schedule a call with us! 

Fret not. 

At Live Young and Well, we know you're the kind of people who want to be happy and healthy people. In order to be that way, you need the concrete tools, training and followup to get the transformation you want.

The problem is, most training out there is long, boring, and full of powerpoint slides! 

It makes you feel lost, confused, and like you're wasting your money. 

We believe it's just plain WRONG to take people's money, teach them some abstract concepts, and then never sustain the transformation! 

That's why our learning offer is end-to-end. We build the product, train you, and then follow up with you to ensure that you're learning. 

So what are you waiting for? 

  • Think about what your biggest challenge is. 
  • Call us today.
  • So you can stop wasting your money and time on learning that doesn't work. 

Pricing Plans


Basic training, with followup for 3 months



What's included

  • 1:1 consultation with your team to understand your needs
  • Pre-workshop materials to be sent to your team, with our proprietary products
  • 3 hour training workshop
  • Monthly follow-ups to embed the lessons of the training