Nah, you don't have to eat sandwiches in the car. 

It's not fair. When you went to school, you had teachers. But somehow, transiting to work, there was little onboarding. 

Things like how to ask for a payrise, promotion, or even tell your boss to shut up just wasn't taught. 

We struggled too. So we started asking others. 

Here are concrete ways that work, whilst balancing health and happiness. 

courage to quit job

Figuring your career life out, is tough. 

But there are principles to make it easier. 


Having a deeper understanding of yourself, what you're good at, how you work, who you love working with, can help. 


Stop thinking too much. Just try. There's no perfect answer. But you will definitely learn more from trying, rather than thinking. 


Accept that there's no perfect job. Everytime you feel unhappy, that's perfect! Work isn't perfect. Accept that. 

understand who you are 

Without knowing what you're great at, what you hate, what you love, you will never find a career that fits you. 

Unlock your best

You may not just want to be the average worker. You want to be the best. Here's how. 

When you feel sick of work

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Feeling blah all the time?

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handle people problems at work

Work is made of people, and when there are people, there are problems. Here's the most common problems we see, and how you can resolve them. 

know when to leave

Stay or leave? Sometimes, staying in the same job won't move you to the next bound in your career. Here's what you should think about when considering a switch. 

You can have a career, with balance. 

Most people say you have to hustle like crazy to make it anywhere in life. We don't think so. 

Here's how. 

Understand your unique potential

When you know what you know, and focus on that, you stop doing the things that don't help you get to where you want to be. 

Unlock your skills

Only you can do what you do. No one else can. Don't believe that? Just try doing what you think your dad is great at. You probably can't and with good reason. Each of us has different skills, and starting from the skills you have is best. 

Unleash your stage

Finding the stage where you can flourish is about finding the right place to work, whilst also asking for what you need to do your best work.

We understand how difficult careers are.. because we struggled. 

In my first part-time job, I got sacked. In my first full-time job, I got a Performance Improvement Plan. I had to get better, or get sacked. Throughout the process, I was pained. Why wasn't there a single site that provided what you needed to know, in a simple way?

Here, we want to provide:

  • Practical answers to seemingly stupid questions, like - how do you ask for a payrise? Or a promotion? Or be the best at work?
  • Uncomfortable advice to painful problems, such as what you do with that horrid boss. Or the toxic colleague. Or when you're just wanting to quit. 
  • Insights that work, because ideas are easy, until you try them. We tried these things, because we struggled with them. 

We know that careers are difficult. That's why we put so much effort into writing every single article, rather than repurposing them from other sites. We know that in today's day and age, there's much more information that you can find. 

But it's not information you need. It's insight. 

And here, we want to give you that. 

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