Finding joy whilst adulting, starts with better relationships.

Yes, paying the bills is tough. Working for a stupid boss, is hard too. But you don't have to sulk all day. Here are 5 better ways.  

Build stronger friendships 

One of the hardest thing you may experience on a Friday morning,

So… you’re seated at home, reading this on your phone, and silently

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Happiness is not Netflix, everyday. 

There are better ways to be happy that don't involve you consuming more, or buying more things you don't need. 

Build habits for happiness

What if happiness were a muscle that could be built? It would mean that rather than leaving things to chance, you might take a greater effort to do the things, that make you happy. That might make happiness predictable, rather than problematic.

Love what you have and do

Even when you're depressed, you can choose to embrace that.

You're unhappy, because you want what you don't have. That's unfortunate. If you stopped comparing yourself to others, you will find that you will be content, peaceful, and happier. 

Grow meaningful relationships

Relationships make life worth living. Else, you would just be another atom on the Earth. But somehow as we grow up, we find it increasingly difficult to make friends and to find time for them. Growing relationships like a plant, make life more bearable.

Happiness, can actually be built. 

happiness hypothesis

The research shows it. Happiness is not a black hole. But it can actually be built out. 

We focus on:

  • Practical actions that you can do, even when you have little or no time 
  • Principles that help you to build a good foundation for your happiness, especially when you know that life can get in the way, when things are tough
  • People that can get you to where you want to be 

But you fall through, because you transit poorly. 

Moving from school to adulting is never easy. And a key part that's missing is better transitions. 

Better transitions need better guides. 

Learn Habits To Embrace Yourself

Love the good, the bad and the ugly, and know how to deal with everything in between

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About the author


I'm John. 

In 2016, I nearly leapt off the building. Luckily I didn't. 

Then in 2019, I was so depressed that I had to take antidepressants. This page shares all the ways I have found over the years to help myself in a practical, and consistent way. 

And I hope it helps you. 

Be happier, today!