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Get emotionally fitter. Find out the emotional skills and tools to navigate this pandemic, your emotions, and future. 

a 4-part Conversation, starts 31 may 2021

with shafiqah ramani

Supercharge your fitness, supercharge your life. Stop getting stuck in your fitness plateau. Register now!

A monthly Masterclass, 10 jun 2021

with nicholas ng

Are you tired of being alone, not knowing who to turn to when you need help? Are you tired of not having anyone understand you? Now you do

a 4-Week support group, starts 24 jun 2021

with jeremy thinesh

Build the emotional skills to overcome lockdown. 

Are you lonely? Tired of facing the screen all day, with no real conversation about the things that matter? Like your feelings, emotions, or how to navigate your quarter-life crisis

Join us from 31 May 2021, for 4 weekly conversations. 

What will be covered in Thrive, this 4 part series?

1) Haunting of the Past

With lockdown happening again, how are you going to navigate it? Are you going to allow the past to haunt you, or are you going to learn from it? Which will you choose? 

2) Loneliness and Lockdown

How can you thrive individually despite social distancing and lockdown measures? Can you find relationship in the midst of being forced to stay at home? 

3) Crisis Prevention

A job pay cut, staff retention, WFH - How can you manage the negative emotions evoked in our lives for today's issues?

4) New Future, New Possibilities: 

Can there be good that comes from a pandemic? What can we learn so far from the pandemic that can improve ourselves as a society?

Who's sharing?


Mental Health Advocate

Sha is a mental health advocate who's passionate about helping young people to overcome their mental health distress. She's a social entrepreneur who has tackled mental health issues with technology. 

John Lim

Millennial Coach

John loves lifting (light) weights. When he's not there, he's excited about helping young people to understand, unlock and unleash their fullest potential

Supercharge your fitness and stop languishing in your journey.

Are you tired of languishing in your fitness journey? Of working hard, but feeling like you're never going anywhere? 

Join this LIVE masterclass on Thursday, 10 Jun 2021, 730 to 830PM (Singapore Time, GMT +8)

where you learn:

Why doesn't the guru work? (Or The Fitness Industry Fallacies)

You've probably watched fitness gurus talk. Or even heard your coaches share. When you ask them, why doesn't this work? They probe. They search. When you tell them, 'Oh, I didn't do that,' they go 'AHA! That's why!'

Feeling like you always need to be in the zone? If you don't follow 100%, you're never going to make your goals? That's not YOUR failing. It's your guru's failing. 

You're not a robot. How can you follow a 100%? There's a better way. 

Why is training so boring? (Or The Adventure Recipe)

After lots of workouts, you're going to get bored. How do you maintain an equal sense of excitement and fun towards your workouts, as day 1? How do you maintain your motivation, when you just want to stay in bed? Here's the secret recipe. 

Why does nothing seem to change? (Or The Progress Principle) 

Step on the scale today. Tomorrow. Day after tomorrow. Nothing seems to change. Is something wrong? Am I doing things right? How do I adjust things? Well, here's how. Working off the progress, not perfection principle, find out how you can move from a process that celebrates progress. 

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Who's talking?

Nicholas Ng

Fitness Trainer

Nicholas is Mr World Singapore 2020. Enough said. 

John Lim


John trained as a social worker, and picks apart emotions for a living. In his daily life, he helps people to understand their deepest yearnings, and build possibility.  

/Together, Apart\

Ever felt like no one understood you? Or like no one could help you? Felt like you were alone in your journey?

Together Apart is a group that builds on the expertise of each other. You hear from each other's experience. You help each other, based on your own experience. You find hope in yourself again.

Together Apart is a 4-part, weekly, support group where the group builds on each other's expertise to grow each other. 

Starts 24 Jun 2021, 1930 HRS

Why join? 

Ever became a Zoom-bie? You know.. Those webinars where speakers talk and talk, and never seem to stop? You find yourself frantically searching for the 'leave' button so that you can stop the torture.

We're not doing that. 

You're listened to.

Wondering what the speaker is actually doing? When he will shut up? We're different. You're listened to. You're involved. 

You get a dialogue. 

This is not a monologue.

You get a chance to ask questions.

You get a free gift!

As if this wasn't good enough, we would love to give you something special!

Who are you?!


I'm  [John].

If you ever wondered why life seems to have no joy, fulfilment and purpose, stop! Look no further! I've been pondering these questions for a long time. I realise that there are two things - relationship and calling. 

It is in relationship that you discover joy. It is in your calling that you find hope to push on each day. 

Join me on this adventure as you unleash your fullest potential.

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