Stop fearing.

Start living. 

Deep down, you know there's more to life than the 9-5, cubbyhole you're sitting in. You dream of the life that comes from living your dreams, however painful that is. 

But you need the how. The implementation, not the ideas.

We have it. 

Stop fearing your wildest dreams. 

You want to quit your job. Start a passion project. But you're scared. How can you overcome the fears, but also make sure you live the stuff of your dreams?

Know what you want 

Do you really know what you want? Because if you don't know what you want, it doesn't matter where you go.

Face challenges 

You will face people who try to steal your dreams. Damn them. You can live your dreams still. Here's how to overcome them. 

Make friends for life

You don't have to eat tuna cans alone again. You can have a group to work with you, and keep you accountable.

Who are you?!


I'm  [John].

5 Oct 2021 was the day I quit my job, with no other job lined up. I was scared. Fearful that I would eat grass for years. Ask my parents for money.

But I knew that it was time for me to start living, and stop living the dreams of others. How did I overcome my fear? 

By failing forward. You can too, if you want. 

Overcome your fear, and live your best life. 

Stop shoving your dreams into the drawer. Stop wondering what if. Start living.

Why am I so tired after work

No one can take care of you, but you.

Where is This?

Join us at Crane, at Bugis, at Arab street! They are our event partners, and you will love their space. 

The exact address is: Crane (Arab St), 148 Arab St, Singapore 199831.

Why join? 

Ever became a Zoom-bie? You know.. Those webinars where speakers talk and talk, and never seem to stop? You find yourself frantically searching for the 'leave' button so that you can stop the torture.

We're not doing that. 

You're listened to.

Wondering what the speaker is actually doing? When he will shut up? We're different. You're listened to. You're involved. 

You get a dialogue. 

This is not a monologue.

Get your answers about fitness answered!

You get a free gift and food!

As if this wasn't good enough, we would love to give you something special!

Better insights, better life. 

On a warm Thursday afternoon, hundreds gathered in the fancy rooms of

I looked at Fiona (not her real name), quietly impressed. For Valentine’s

Here’s the honest truth. If you’re young and precocious, you would struggle

What will you get?

1) A door gift

We will give you a set of our specially curated resources that will help you to sustain your learning, even beyond this event!

2) Weekly motivational letters

Motivation doesn't last. Commitment does. That's why we send you weekly updates that will help you to grow in your fitness journey. 

3) Food!

Enjoy some snacks, it's on us! 

4) Commitment, everyday, everywhere

You hear people saying, I don't have time for my goals. Nah, you're just not doing it the right way. We want to give you the tools that will help you to be fluid in your journey to lead your best life. 

Never want to miss another event? 

It's time to get connected with 7213 driven, ambitious others.