We all suffer painful emotions. What if we could grow through them? Take Heart explains why, and how.

What if our painful emotions were a gift that could offer us a way to grow, and not just suffer through them? In Take Heart, you will learn how to deal with existential questions such as "Who am I, what am I going to do on Earth?" and build better handles for growth.

Our Books

One Day At A Time - A perfect inspirational gift for your loved one

A set of 20 inspirational postcards, at A6 size, written to give you courage, strength and hope during these confusing times. Inspired by what social work clients said, this is a gift that's bound to move and resonate deeply for your loved ones.

Becoming Better - For Social Workers Looking to Grow in Practice

Becoming Better is a book, filled with hand-drawn graphics, for social workers to learn and grow. With practical exercises as well, this is the perfect way to transit better between uni, and real social work.

Vault! - Adulting (No Hacks Needed!)

How do you deal with that horrible boss? Or that toxic colleague? Or find a job you love? School didn't prep us for work. That's why this book matters.

We design books with concrete actions for you to transit better in life. 

We always face transitions. From school to work. From COVID to post-COVID.

Let us help.  

Our books

Transitions are difficult. 

We are always changing. We are growing up from school to adulthood. Or changing jobs. Or the world around us changes. And we often don't have the proper principles or tools to deal with these changes. We want to change that. 

No more confusion

We don't like talking too much. That's why our books, are short, and very sweet. Don't expect academic textbooks from us. 

No more boring lessons

We are designers at heart. That's why every single of our book is designed graphically, rather than page after page of text. That's boring. We hate that. 

No more impractical advice

We aren't here to tell you the theory. We are here to give you practical things that work. We pride ourselves on being teachers, and not lecturers. We don't talk you to death. You definitely don't want to read this before bed, because you will definitely be too excited. 

Books designed for you to transit better between the phases of life

One day at a Time (physical book) - $9

Struck by how hopeless everyone seemed, One Day at a Time was born out of COVID. It is a book of 22 inspirational quotes to find courage, strength and hope. 

It's time to turn the music on, and start splashing in the rain.

Becoming Better (ebook) - $9.90

When social workers graduate, they often struggle to have concrete actions to cope with the sudden influx of paperwork and emotions. Knowing social workers lack time, we wrote this book, designed with graphics, for our social workers to pick and learn quickly. 

I want to quit my job

Graphics designed to encourage and engage with

Vault! - Every person's guide to adulting - $24

Struggling with understanding how to choose the right job? Or how to navigate that toxic colleague? Here's how. 

We interviewed 21 career luminaries and managed to find out from them how they succeeded.

You can, too.

Don't miss this.

What does quiet quit your job mean

Why our books?

We save you time. 

There's so much information out there about what works. And most of it is in dense, boring text. We make it fun for you to learn, and be inspired. 

We give practical exercises. 

Some books talk a lot, and you have no idea how to apply what you've just learnt. We include exercises that help you take the idea, to reality.


What they say

Maria turda

Maria turda

PHD Student 

Love the ideas, the images, and the idea. Gives a very positive and good vibe :)


Social Worker

Easy to implement and integrate into daily use, refreshing to think about!