We have a different belief. 

We think different. We act different. We are different. 

Here's our millennial manifesto. 

The Millennial Manifesto

Just like Martin Luther King pinned his manifesto to the church, here's our beliefs, nailed on our hearts. 

We believe that every individual can thrive, and not just survive. 

You can thrive, strive, and flourish. Not just survive. 

Enough of fighting the office politics. Enough of smashing the snooze button on your phone. Enough of struggling to get through each day. 

At the heart of every human is a desire to thrive. To do the things you were put on this earth to do. 

Yet mankind has made it very difficult. 

Because we live with assumptions like – Humans wouldn’t work hard if I don’t see them work. 

Humans wouldn’t listen to me if I don’t punish them. 

Humans are lazy. 

You end up being boxed up, cornered, and put in a cage. 

So that you can work hard, do the things you were meant to do, and keep running on the human hamster wheel…

That never stops. 

Imagine if you could live life in a better way. 

Excited of meeting challenges, even though they are tough. Motivated to give your best, even if you’re not appreciated. 


Because you are in your element. 

Where you flourish. 

We believe there is more to life than getting caught in the human zoo. 

Tired of your 9 to 5? Or worse still, tired of your 9 to 9? Maybe you’re there slogging your guts out to make partner. Or to get that promotion. Or that pay rise. 

Or you’re thinking of how on earth you’re going to pay for your wedding, your house, and still have money left over to live. 

Welcome to the human zoo. 

Remember the glass exhibits in the zoo? Where you tap on the glass exhibit … and the animal doesn’t seem bothered with you. You wonder why the animal looks so bored of life? Or so done with life? 

Maybe you’re feeling that way. You’re 28. You’ve slogged a few years in the working world. 

And you feel so done with life. 

Except society doesn’t let you be done with it. 

Mummy says you need to get married! Have a house! Get some babies! 

Don’t get us wrong. We’re not saying those milestones are not important. But we’re saying that they’re important if you think they are. 

Not if society thinks you should have them. 

We believe in relationships, not transactions, not experiences. 

Today, you and I chase experiences. 

We go to the hottest café, try the newest food, and take Instagram-able pictures for the world to see. 

We try the latest staycation, discover new parts of Singapore, or shop till our wallets drop. 

And yet there’s that nagging feeling, isn’t it? 

You do all these ‘great’ experiences. Yet you feel even more empty at the end of the day. 

And so, you wonder: is this it? Did I work so hard, to spend so hard… to feel so bad at the end of the day? 

The remedy? 


Genuine, authentic, sincere relationships that start from the heart, not from the pocket. 

We believe in creating the space where relationships can blossom. Not just experiences or transactions. 

Here is who we are. 

John loves lifting weights, though he probably can't lift as heavily as Nicholas. In his free time, he enjoys reading... book after book after book. He has a habit of borrowing more books than he can finish. 

john Lim


Nicholas loves the gym. Period. He eats weights for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And sometimes for supper too. 

Nicholas loves training people to reach their muscular potential, and to exceed that. 

Nicholas Ng 

fitness trainer