Not another "Digital Marketing Agency".

The world doesn't need another digital marketing agency.

It needs more creativity. Better communication. Clarity.

We hate cheating aunties and uncles of their money.

We know how easy it is to cheat small businesses about the value you provide, by throwing in some fancy-sounding metrics like PPC, CPC, CPM, and they immediately think you know your stuff. And they buy you.

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Most agencies out there, oversell, and under-deliver. 

We know, because we've worked with these agencies. They oversell the impressions they get on Facebook. Or they never ever show you the conversion rates of the impressions and the likes they get. You and I know better.

Impressions and likes don't equate to sales.

The myths 'digital marketing agencies' sell you

What they say, isn't always true.

We give you many impressions!

That's bullshit.

You many not know that. 

Impressions means that Facebook inserts the sponsored posts into people's feeds, but people scroll past without clicking.

Impressions don't mean engagement, where people click, like or even buy.

This means you may not even get the sale. 

We give you many likes! 

Ah forget about the likes. Likes are easy. Getting people to hand over their precious money is hard. But agencies give a cop out by telling you that likes matter, when in fact they have little correlation to the eventual conversion.

Here's an example. You may like your mum very much, but you may not buy everything she sells. Why? Because she may not be selling you something you need. 

We ensure that you have more followers!

Come on. Give me a break. You know by now that followers who click 'follow' don't mean customers who hand over their precious, hard earned money to you.

We increase your traffic! 

So what if more people go to your site? It doesn't mean anything. It doesn't mean they are buying anything.


Uncle, one more thing. 

"Ad costs are not covered."

This pisses us off. The most.

Because it means small businesses, get ripped off again and again, with the agency using YOUR money to experiment and learn what works.

Of course if you spend more money, you will get more conversions. But at what rates?

Are they really that good if they have no skin in the game?

Example below from Impossible Marketing ("The #1 Digital Marketing Agency in Singapore")

Here's a better way.

Co-related Key Performance Indicators

The two metrics that matter to any ad campaign: conversion rates (meaning the percentage where an engagement converts into a conversion), and the revenue. 

Sustained, organic reach, without more ad spend 

You don't have to always spend money on ads. There's a better way that involves organic reach, via Google. 

Leveraging media that has bigger reach

For all who say that mainstream media like newspapers are dead, here's why they are NOT dead. It's because they still have thousands and millions of subscribers, and piggybacking on them allows you to build on their reach. 

Tracking indicators 

Do you know, or do you think you know? Small word change, but big difference in results. For us, we know we work because we track. Like crazy. We don't just leave things to chance. 

We amplify your brand.

Cheaply. Sustainably.

For more sales.

We use the power of traditional media mentions, blog posts, and guest posts to get you noticed.

Case Study: 5.2x increase in clicks to a B2B content agency in 5 months

We started in July 2022 with a problem. We were getting a low amount of traffic to our site, and we didn't know what to do to convert more of them to sales/paying customers. 

We started writing content for our blog, based on keyword research. 

We then reached out to traditional media, getting them to mention us. 

From 0, we started getting 2 leads a week arranging calls with us through the site. 

We moved from 0 leads through the site, to 2 leads per week, from our SEO bottom of funnel content, to media mentions, and guest posts. 

Here's why we are better.

We completely rethought how marketing worked - and realised we could do better. 

You save your money because we include ad costs in the flat $600 we charge for 3 months. 

We know how hard it is to run a small business. And we are not here to take more of your money. We are here to make you more money. As a partner. Pay us for 3 months, and if we don't get you results, we keep working until we get you the results you want. 

You increase your credibility because we leverage free media coverage. 

Sure, you can pay Straits Times $14k for their sponsored article, or we can pitch you to the media, crafting your story in such an interesting way that the media wants to cover you. For free. 

You grow online and offline because we use a holistic content strategy. 

Come on. For everyone who says "the future is online", we say - BS. You live in a real world that you see and touch, and the strongest brands remain those that can preserve strong retail and brand experiences in person. That's why we don't just do online creative campaigns. We do offline too. 

Get a no-obligation creative audit today. 

Action gets your business moving. 

Our insights

Better business, delivered. 

We make it a point to move the conversation forward on advertising, towards one that is more thoughtful, less sensationalist. So that we aren't just trying to sell people more shit they don't need, but that we are intentionally selling things that we would want to use ourselves.