Health and happiness, made tangible.

They can teach you all the concepts on articles and videos, but there's nothing as real as health, and happiness, in your hands

Stuck trying to be healthier, and happier?

It's not fair, is it? 

It's all talk, little action.

Watch more videos. Read more articles. But change never seems to take place. How do you do it? 

Change, unsustained. 

Do you remember what you read yesterday? Probably not. That's why the changes you want to make never stick. 


$679 for an online course. $199 for online coaching. $129 for 3 videos. You must be kidding me. 

We can do better than that. 

Can we ease your mind a bit?

Struggling with your health and happiness is frustrating. Not having the tools to sustain the changes you want is even more difficult.

You're in the right place.

Products We Specially Designed

Specially designed to make health and happiness real, we have used all our experiences and expertise to design these products. 


Children struggle to talk about their emotions. With this kit, they become more creative with different media such as finger puppets and calming oils. 


The emotional scrapes of life such as disappointment, upsets, and rejections, don't have to be dealt with only by therapists. This can help you perform emotional first-aid, on a daily basis, giving you a quick pick-me-up, for the times when you're low. 


For elderly with dementia who may feel scared and anxious of new surroundings, BlankIt gives them something to do with their fingers that allows them to feel calmer. 

What to choose

Confused about which product to start with? Here's a quick guide. 

For young children between 4 to 11

Young children often struggle to have the emotional vocabulary to express themselves. But Kitbag gives them items they are familiar with to express themselves. 

For teens between 12 and 18

Teens between 12 and 18 can find their emotions confusing and complex. Having KitWell can help them with daily anchors to motivate them and pick them up, especially during hard times. 

For older people over 55

For older people with dementia, BlankIt offers various objects that they are familiar with, such as locks, pictures, and toys from their younger days, helping them recall happier days. 

Wellbeing made tangible 

How we make happiness something real

Common, everyday use objects

To ensure that happiness is not just something you do when you're free, we used common everyday objects to anchor your happiness. Like a pouch for your tissues. 

This ensures that your happiness is regular, rather than stop-start. 


Each product is co-created with you. You can include something that matters to you within the kit, so that it becomes something precious to you. 


Items like the kitbag have undergone strong research studies to evidence their effectiveness amongst children. They have been funded by the likes of the World Economic Forum and The Majurity Trust. 

Training provided 

Every product sale isn't an endpoint for us. It's the start of a better relationship within yourself. You will find that our products come best with our unique training that helps you to embed the learning for life. 

How Kitbag Works for Children

  • 01 - What Color Are You Feeling?

  • 02 - Create a story

  • 03 - teaches conversation

  • 04 - calm down

Children may not have the words to label their feelings like 'frustration', 'disappointment', but they know colours. Asking them simple questions like what colour are you feeling today, can open up an interesting conversation. 

How KitWell Works

  • When low in self-esteem

  • When feeling lonely

  • When feeling anxious


AffirMe - A Card to Affirm Your Qualities 

To make AffirMe, you will need to write a letter of love to yourself, to celebrate the qualities you have in yourself and how you've shown them in the past.

When you're feeling low in confidence, you can read out the card to yourself. 

It's time to flow.

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