Make 2022 unforgettable for you and your children. 

Ah, we know there are many things to remember about 2022. How you conquered COVID. How you reset your career. How you took that big step out of your comfort zone. 

Celebrate those achievements, and more, this Christmas. 

We are popping up at Claymore Connect!

From 9-11 December, 10AM to 10PM, let your kids enjoy the festive season at Claymore Connect!

How to prepare your teenager for adulthood

Ah, we know how tough caring for children can be. 

Especially during the holidays. 

You don't want them addicted to gadgets. 

We all know what happens when you give kids the phone. They never get off it. And they end up whining for it even when the exams start. 

It's expensive to keep sending them for more stuff.

Another activity? Another class? It all costs money. And you definitely don't want to keep sending them for more stuff!

It's hard to figure how best to use this free time in the holidays. 

When there's no exams, and no homework, how best can you help your child to rest, in a healthy way, these holidays? 

From 9-11 December...

come for these free activities!

Sit together with your child, and write a note to the self of 2023. What would you like him/her to know? How would you like to encourage him? We will then send it to you. 

Reflect on 2022 - FREE!

Don't forget the beauty of 2022. Take an Instax with your child, together with our photographer!

A Polaroid to Remember - FREE!

Get some gelato, freshly made by Freshio Gelato!

Gelato! - $3.90, for the stomach! 

Our partners

Emergency Physician, Coach, and Parent

Dr Jade Kua is passionate about coaching, parenting, and medicine. 


Freshio Gelato is the iconic fresh gelato in Singapore. First of its kind to develop fresh gelato, giving you the texture and taste that you will never be able to enjoy elsewhere. 

Dr Jade Kua

Together with Dr Jade Kua, an emergency physician, coach, and parent, we will be displaying some of our favourite selections for Christmas. 

Dr Jade Kua is the author of 'Good Night Marion', a book to inspire mindful conversations amongst young children. 

Don't leave 2022 behind without some memories. 

No hard sells. No slimy salesmen. Just pure, wholehearted, fun. Cards, polaroids, ice-cream. 

Join us.