We create and execute content strategies so your brand is amplified online. 

Most businesses are never found online. Period. And if you're not found online, your business is dead, offline.

We create content strategies for continued engagement online and offline. 

Your business is dead if you're not found online.

Yet many businesses can't be found online. Why?


Ranking on Google, is hard

Google is a good friend, but a nasty enemy. Get into Google's good books, and you will stay there, top of the ranks, probably for a long time. 

Get in their bad books, and you will find yourself lost and floundering. 

Content is king, but content takes time 

When you run a small business, you're stuck in a situation where you have to rebuild a plane, whilst flying it at the same time. You know, deep down, that you should be producing more content that gets attention, but you just don't have the time. 

Thinking of new ideas for content, is hard. 

Communicating your brand, needs smart work

Which editors do you find to pitch the story of your brand? Do you know their emails?

Which awards should you nominate yourself for? 

Which sites will even feature stories? All these are not contacts or insights built in a day, or learnt through an online course. They take decades of experience. 

So what do most people do?

They dabble here and there, without a strategy. 

You hear the latest fad around TikTok. And you start dancing in front of the camera, hoping that generates you more likes for your business. You hear the latest craze over LinkedIn. You post like crazy. 

Despite trying again and again, you get nowhere. 

You're desperate. And you're lost. And you want to give up. 

People are lying to you about digital marketing. 

What pisses us off, is the lies that people are making about digital marketing. The first lie is that social media marketing is the way to go. Sure, it's the way to go, if you want your business to go to hell. They tell you crap like 'Post more! Then you will get more sales!' Or, "The reason you're not selling is because you're not posting." 

Or not they will say 'There's no point wasting money with mainstream media. They are dead, anyway.' Sure, says the guy who never got featured on the Straits Times, or probably got his product destroyed by a Straits Times reviewer. 

Here's the facts. 

Google wins, hands down. 

  • 57.8% of all traffic first comes from Google. For all they tell you about posting, surprise, surprise, you're not going to find more traffic from your Facebook post. You're probably going to find more via content, optimised for search. 
  • Google provides visibility, over the longer-term, at no extra cost to you. Why not? 
  • You will just end up paying more and more, for every lead. 

Here's why we work better, and achieve better results. 

Most content agencies take your money, guaranteeing little results.

Having hired content producers, we hate that. 

We make you rank on Google. 

SEO agencies say stuff like 'Google always changes the algorithm, so we won't know if you will rank.' We say that's BS

Using our proprietary Keyword Power Planner, we search for low-competition, transactional keywords, that will help you first establish a foothold in Google. 

We pitch features about your brand for online sites and creators. 

We then reach out to our wide network of editors, site curators, and independent content creators that will take up your brand, and work to sell it. 

Over the years, we've written in such a way that we can now get editors and curators to feature you organically, at no cost. 

We amplify your brand with mainstream media. 

We have a secret up our sleeve. Over the years, we've managed to work out the magic sauce behind what journalists look for in a story, and have consistently pitched so that your brand is amplified and magnified with mainstream media attention. 

Sure, you can say that mainstream media is dead, but just try making a brand work without a newspaper on your side. 

Who are these people?!

John Lim


People trust us because we can write, on-time, on-target. We never miss a deadline, and never waste a word.

You're in good hands. I've written for the likes of DBS Bank, TODAY, Singapore Press Holdings, and RICE Media. 

Jason Chen

Site Manager

Entrust a site into the hands of Jason, and you will find it done, done, done. He executes brilliantly in making sure that everything you hand him is done on time, on target.

This is what we did for Love On Ukraine. 

Love On Ukraine was a site created to generate awareness of the work that a Singaporean team was doing in rebuilding Ukraine. 

They wanted to raise funds for the homes they were building and the single mothers they wanted to provide for. 

We got them featured on Singapore Kindness Movement, a digital media site. 

We wrote a story for Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM), sharing the work they were doing. SKM was one of the first few sites that showcased their work in Ukraine, but this built a runway for their eventual mainstream mentions. 

We pitched their story to mainstream media. 

We then pitched their story to Singaporean broadsheet, The Straits Times, and got them featured twice on the news. This resulted in even greater coverage on their work, and an increase in donations. 

We refocused their website. 

We then edited their site so that it was clearer immediately to visitors what the challenge was, and what they were doing to resolve the problems in Ukraine. 

Our work has brought money, offers of help, and other donations.

You don't have to struggle with your own site, doing fantastic work that no one knows about. 

How you can move forward with us

Here's what we can do moving forward. 


Schedule a call with us, for no fee. 


We will perform a site audit, and suggest a content strategy for you. 


We will implement and you will start seeing results within the first month. 

We differ because we strategise, execute and adjust. 

We do things that work, not things that people just think looks fancy. 

how to live very frugally

We build engaged audiences, not 'followers'. 

We are career writers. This means that our background is in creating content that resonates, rather than content that converts. And it is this belief that allows our content to last the distance, and not just for the brief, clickable moment, before fading into obscurity. 

This means that we are helping you to create an audience, and not just content. Audiences that follow your every post, rather than just random 'users' that just appear to like your post, and then disengage later. 

We monitor, so you convert. 

We are crazy about monitoring the building blocks. Right from the outset, we are studying search terms on Keyword Finder tools.

When we start writing articles, we run immediate A/B tests to test which headlines convert best to clicks. 

We then analyse Google Search Console to see how you're ranking. Then we monitor how conversion events are taking place on Google Analytics. 

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You won't be the first who trusts us. 

We've worked across 5 nations, with dozens of clients. 




Types of Content



They say

John devaney

John has an easy delivery style that can convey complex information in ways which enhance understanding and learning.”

Professor John Devaney - Professor of Social Work, University of Edinburgh

His honest sharing created an open and vulnerable space for students and invited many questions from students about a socially taboo topic. 

Dr Chew Tyng Yong - Consortium Director, Hwa Chong Institution 

My communication skills in general have been enhanced due to the specific, individual analysis John conducted on every aspect 

Bethan Jones - Masters' Student