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Adulting better starts with healthy approaches to work, wealth, and love.

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Why adulting is really tough

Scattered approaches

There's a lot of self-help books on adulting. But there's no one resource that touches on a holistic view towards the different struggles in adulting - from money, to work, to love, to friends. 

Big decisions, with little runway

If you think about adulthood, you're making some pretty big decisions. What to study, who to marry, where to invest. These have huge impacts on your future, but no one really has any training on how to make these decisions better.

Too much theory, not enough practice

We know that theories sound fancy, but don't always work. How do these theories shape up in real life? Do they even work? Well, we test them to see. 

Hey, it's John.

When I was 20, I was sacked from Google. Then, in my first full-time job, I was issued with a Performance Improvement Plan. That's a get better or get sacked plan.

That's when I realised that flimsy degree did nothing to prepare me for life. 

So I thought it might be better to share life on the frontlines - adulting daily, and sharing what worked, and what didn't. 

So you don't make the same mistakes I did.

What we try to do 

Key word? Try.

We help you be more aware of unconscious influences on life decisions. 

Too often in looking at adulting, and the major life decisions we make, we look at it in isolation. Say you were choosing a job. We look at it from the lens of what we are good at, and what we like. Rarely do we think about how the narratives we heard growing up in our families may impact how we choose a job. You may have heard "Come on, you're not that good at writing". Unconsciously you let that influence you. We believe that the whole is more than the sum of its parts, and we try as best to bring that awareness to you.

We believe better life decisions start from transparency and better narratives.

In all of our articles, we don't just give you the theory. We try to be an open book in explaining to you the way we thought, and how that shaped our eventual decision. Because if you look at the rich and famous, often you don't get an immediate, insight into the situation that forced them to make that particular decision.

We try to shorten the distance between thought, and the eventual decision, and make that as transparent as possible.

We massively, massively overweight personal stories. 

We believe again and again, that personal narrative stories are key to better understanding of yourself, and the decisions you will make. Because when you hear the stories of others, and how their lives panned out, you might not be able to copy what they did, but you will better understand the approaches they took, the circumstances they were in, and apply the general principles to your own life. Life isn't an exam where there are model answers. It's more like a big experiment where any  person can be a teacher that helps you iterate better, if you're willing to learn. 

We review the big decisions we ourselves made.

Let me name you some (dumb) decisions. I quit my job without a job. I changed my career. I had 6 different gigs over 2 years. I signed up with a dating agency. How did these decisions shape up?

We believe in Peter Drucker's 'decision diary' advice, that the best way to make better decisions is to review how our own decisions worked out.

And by doing that for you, we make where most people want to be (richer, healthier, more successful) more transparent, and more plausible.

Get the secret no one told you about getting to the top of your career.

Yes, we actually went to interview 21 top careerists to write a book on adulting.