Ready to overcome your quarter life confusion?

A quarter of your life has passed, and you may not know what to do with this 'life' thing. You see your friends living great lives on Instagram, and you look at your own. You wonder... is this it? 

I'm John Lim, and I've suffered 2 quarter-life crises in 4 years. It's brought valuable lessons on how to move from confusion, into breakthrough

Transforming your confusion into breakthrough is about seeing change in crisis. Practical hope in helplessness. 

As a gift, here's my 3-part video course to help.  

Why do this?

It's not that we didn't have better things to do...

We focus on action. 

Ever read something, watched something, and thought: what a waste of time! Or thought, how can I apply that to my life? Has that person even tried applying that to his own life? Whatever we say here, we've done it. 

We are the live experiment. 

We work what we write. 

We believe in the millennial.

The future is millennial. 

That's why we believe that above all else, it's understanding why you, the millennial works, rather than how to make yourself work better.

Harder. Faster. 

We demand greatness. 

If you want something fun, find Facebook. If you want to live young and well, you need to put in effort. Serious effort. 

Because living a great life isn't something easy. It requires commitment. 

about us

We help millennials to push past their limits. 

Nicholas is a fitness trainer. 

He focuses on helping people exceed their physical limitations. He's competed in Mr World. 

If you can imagine, this is how Mr Scrawny became Mr World. 

I once worked with a scholar who struggled with self-doubt. She felt bullied, lacked confidence, and wanted to quit. But as I worked with her, we gave voice to her confidence and her potential again. She held her own in a difficult team, and eventually placed second in their competition. 

We seek to understand, unlock and unleash the innermost potentials of millennials. 

Our manifesto

Discover how we make a difference with you. 

We believe in the power of the whole. 

Physical, mental and spiritual wellness. You know getting physically fit isn't just about the physical exercises you do... right? 

It's about your mind, body and spirit. 

We believe in the power of relationship.

We don't just want your money. We hope that these resources help you live full, fulfilling and purposeful lives. It's not just about transactions or experiences. Or what's exciting. But it's about partnership you on your journey. 


Here's the cool stuff people have said about us ;)

During my time as the CEO of UoNSU, I had a series of reverse mentoring sessions with John to explore the unique challenges of students from minority backgrounds. He helped me to see things from the perspectives of these students. He also prompted thought into what could be done to help them to develop their fullest potential. I am confident that John's future clients would find his passion, wisdom and courage to raise difficult questions helpful.

Daryl Omerod

Ceo, university of nottingham students' union

John shared with our secondary 4 students last year regarding mental health. He talked bravely about his own experiences of failure and how he rose again following that. His honest sharing created an open and vulnerable space for students and invited many questions from students about a socially taboo topic. Sharing from his personal experiences allowed the students to feel connected to him and his stories.

Dr Chew Tyng Yong 

Consortium director, Hwa Chong institution

John is one of the most talented public speakers I have ever met. I have never known an individual who could capture my attention so quickly and keep me captivated. What I remember most vividly was John’s excellent use of pauses. Silence is underrated in public speaking- yet, John deployed it so effectively. He has helped me so much with my own public speaking and I’m grateful so have picked up so many useful techniques.

Sid Basu

university student



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