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I'm John Lim, and over 4 years, I suffered 2 quarter-life crises. I realised that all my efforts on how and what to do to climb the career ladder were not as important as why I was climbing. 

To unleash one's potential, I discovered Purpose + Passion = Potential 

As my gift, here's my 3-part course on unleashing your fullest potential for work.

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I'm  John Lim. 

I suffered two quarter life crises in 4 years. I struggled to find passion and purpose in my work. Then I realised it wasn't just me. When I started working with young people, I saw people my age facing the same thing. 

There's a world where people can flourish into their fullest selves. They can live understanding their purpose, unlocking their skills, and unleash their potential for the good of the world. 

There's a world where their bosses can create the spaces where they can thrive, and not just survive. 

Let's create that. 

During my time as the CEO of UoNSU, I had a series of reverse mentoring sessions with John to explore the unique challenges of students from minority backgrounds. He helped me to see things from the perspectives of these students. He also prompted thought into what could be done to help them to develop their fullest potential. I am confident that John's future clients would find his passion, wisdom and courage to raise difficult questions helpful.

Daryl Omerod, CEO of University of Nottingham's Students' Union

John shared with our secondary 4 students last year regarding mental health. He talked bravely about his own experiences of failure and how he rose again following that. His honest sharing created an open and vulnerable space for students and invited many questions from students about a socially taboo topic. Sharing from his personal experiences allowed the students to feel connected to him and his stories.

Dr Chew Tyng Yong, Consortium Director of Hwa Chong Institution

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