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You might have a dream of working in Big Tech firms like Google, Meta, and Amazon. We interviewed people in Singapore who got into them to find out how they did it. 

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You can be like Chen Jun, who got into Amazon, despite not having a tech background.

You might wonder how you too, can get into the most selective companies. 

They Say

Christopher Gee

Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Policy Studies

John’s book is an essential read for this generation of Singaporeans confronting all the challenges and opportunities of a fast-changing world. 

Meredith Poon

Gen Z, and Young Working Adult

“Relatable examples that every ‘job newbie’ will go through. Vault!highlights possible experiences, questions, and even insights from various ‘job veterans’. 

Get the job you want.

You might be ambitious and hard-charging. Don't settle for less. Get the job you really, really want.

Getting a top job is tough. Here's why.

How do you win if you're competing against the best in Singapore?

You're competing against the best.

With selection rates at 3-5% of each applicant pool, selective companies can be really hard to get in. And you're fighting against people who are probably the best in their field, who have all the great qualities in their CV. How do you stand out?

You're not sure if you should even try.

You hear how tough applications are, and you're not sure if you should even try. You look at your own qualifications, and you think you won't be able to make it. You're worried it will be a waste of time. 

You can't tell when you should quit. 

Your greatest fantasy is that you would throw your resignation letter on your boss' table, and walk out into something you love. Really love. And that you're really good at. But you don't know if that's even wise. Especially in this economy. 

Most of the advice out there doesn't work. 

Many career books were built for a different economy. Not one where there was just COVID. Or inflation. Or even a possible recession. 

Get more qualifications... really? 

Well-meaning people might tell you to get a Master's degree or even a PHD to distinguish yourself in the competitive market. That's probably going to set you back more in terms of cost, and time spent studying, rather than understanding the real world by working.  

Most advice is centred on Western economies.

Most of the books written on careers, are centred on Western cultures and economies. But we know that the Asian economies here are very different in terms of culture, language, and process of hiring. Rarely are books written by people in Asia, for Asians. This will help.

Just suck up to bad bosses? Come on!

Surely there's much more than just sucking up? There's a better way that can involve you just distancing yourself from your boss, taking calls rather than face to face meetings. 

I've been there. 


I'm John Lim.

In my first job at Google, I was so bad that I got sacked. 

In my first full-time job, I was issued with a Performance Improvement Plan. This was despite me having scored the first-class honours in my degree, and then later getting awards for being a "Global Graduate". 

Whatever that meant.

I thought good grades meant a good job. 

It didn't turn out that way. Wanting to do better, I started interviewing others who had succeeded in their careers. 

Unconventional wisdom that we learnt 

Some of these advice just doesn't seem that conventional. 

Just keep trying.

People like Chen Jun kept trying and trying, even though he went through hundreds of applications for the likes of Amazon.

Your qualifications may not matter as much.

Whilst qualifications matter, Chen Jun didn't graduate from some famous university like Harvard. And he wasn't necessarily a top student.

It's the connections that matter. 

You might think that connections may not seem that important in a global world. But over and over again, we've seen people hiring directly from within their networks, rather than someone they don't really know.

Top companies see your thought process.

'School of thought' is something that top companies look out for. If you have clarity in your thought processes, you will probably be able to do much, and go far. Because whilst work processes are easily thought, thinking is not as easy.

Nah, we're tired of boring books.

Yes, you know that bestseller that everyone talks about, that you just leave on your shelf. That's not going to help you, is it. That's why we wrote this differently. 

Graphical ideas 

You really don't want to be spammed with more words. That's why we encapsulated some of the best ideas through graphics.

Exercises to try 

We want to make things real for you too. We didn't just want you to read, chuck the book aside, and not really take anything away. That's why we built exercises for you. 

A sneak peek of the people we interviewed

"Instead, set yourself up broadly. Because if you start your career and you are too focused, your direction is already predetermined."

Sascha Stolar

Head of finance, smart infrastructure regional solutions and services asean

Many are stuck because they are scared of uncertainty. Then reduce the uncertainty! That’s why I went to do 9 internships! I wanted to know what was in the different industries.

Deddy Setiadi

Cofounder, kodecoon

Always, whenever I look at a career decision, I look at my chance of success.

At the local start-up, I had the chance to increase my visibility.

Adeline Tiah


Stephanie say Liang fat

Do you want to feel regret or remorse?

Dr Stéphanie Say

Research scientist 

Time to get your best job.

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