Want to get an A at your assignment, reliably, all the time?

Silly question. Of course you do. 

Yet you don't. Why?

Why don't you get your A?

After talking to many students, your problems may lie in one of the 3 categories. 

You don't know. 

You have no idea how to get an A. What your professor wants. What your professor is even teaching. You're confused, lost and you have no idea how to write that A grade essay. 

You cannot. 

You have no time. No energy. No more effort you can give. You've given all you've got. And you just want to give up. 

You don't want to. 

You're procrastinating. You don't really want to do the work. You might say you want that A, but touch your heart. Maybe you don't actually want it that much. 

What makes this different?

Foundation videos

Covering the limiting beliefs, myths, and how you can overcome them, these give you the basic knowledge on how to overcome your mental blocks, structure and script the content of the essay, and get that A-grade. 

Community calls

For 2 months, every 2 weeks, you will have a community call with other students on the course. You have the chance to share your struggles, and to get feedback from others. 

Essay review

You have the chance to send in one assignment, and get feedback on what you've done well, and what you can improve on. This gives you real time feedback to apply what you have done. 

What Past Students Say of My Teaching

Cian Brett

Masters' Student, University of Nottingham 

Through his enigmatic and dynamic teaching style, he engrained the importance of a conclusion into me—thereby improving my speaking ability significantly."

Bethan Jones 

Year 2 English Student, University of Nottingham 

He is an incredibly inspiring speaker and an exceptional educator. Each of his speeches I had the pleasure of hearing were truly thought provoking. 

What do you learn? 

Here are the 6 foundation modules that will put you on your A, reliably, all the time.

Loser's Limits

You learn the limiting beliefs you have that stop you from getting your A, such as 'I'm not a good writer', or 'I need a lot of time to write an essay that gets an A. 

The 4 Myths of 'Student-ing'

You probably came with some myths of what 'student-ing' involved. Think it involves skipping classes? Nope. Think it involves burning the midnight oil? Nope. Here's the myths you need to break. 

Havocs of Home

You start out with the best intentions at home - to productively write your essay. At the end of the day, you see yourself with your essay unfinished. And on Netflix. Instagram. And the bed. How do you overcome the temptations at home? 

Professor's Mind

What is your professor looking for? How would you even know? How do you get into the mind of your professor? Find out the method that brings you into the professor's mind, and out of your own limits. 

Doing the Diamond 

Learn the 4 elements of writing a great coursework every time. Amongst the 4 elements includes first understanding the question, then drafting your answer, and then crafting your essay.

The 3 Passes

It's not only the writing that matters. It's the editing. You will understand how exactly to edit, putting your essay through the 3 different types of edits that will cut out stupid mistakes. 

Is this for you?

Don't waste your money. 

This is for you IF

  • You're willing to put in hard work. 
  • You're willing to apply what you've learnt. 
  • You're willing to be honest about your flaws and find ways to solve them. 
  • You WANT to get an A. 

This is NOT for you IF

  • You want someone to do your essay for you. 
  • You don't want to put in any effort for your essay. 
  • You think you can do it on your own. 
  • An A is not very important to you. 


I do not guarantee that you get an A. But I will give you all the principles that have worked in the past for others. 

It's time to get your A. 

The question is: do you want it?

The course starts on 10 September. Get ready to rumble. 

What other teachers say

John has an easy delivery style that can convey complex information in ways which enhance understanding and learning.

Professor John Devaney - Professor, University of Edinburgh

John’s teaching was innovative and inspiring.

Andrew Murphy - Assistant Professor, University of Nottingham

People valued having (John's) international perspective.

Nicole Davies - Senior Lecturer, Practice Learning, Chester University

Why the price drop? 

As part of our gift to freshmen, we want to make academic excellence affordable. But after this run closes, we will push up the price to make things sustainable. 


You get:

1. Course worth $197

2. 4 Community Masterminds worth a total of $396

3. 1 personal essay review wroth $99

$ 197 + $396 + $99 = $692

Don't waste this chance. 

You don't have to struggle to get your A alone. 

Join us. The course closes on 14 September, 2359 hrs. It starts on 15 September. Are you ready to rumble?

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