Amplify your message so customers engage

In today's noisy world, your message might struggle to be remembered. But at the same time, you don't know what works.

When you clarify your message using the LiveYoung framework, orders and revenues increase - sustainably, and reliably.

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We are the PR+Tech agency you never knew.


We're so glad to have met you. 

Most Public Relations agencies, aren't great at tech. They would often handle the press, nominate your company for awards, do crisis management, but they definitely wouldn't be talking to you about Search Engine Optimisation. Or your site structure. But we want to. 

Because a poor message, whether online or offline, is costing you.

How much is a poor message costing you?

Most businesses and people struggle to craft a message that resonates with people. When this happens...

People don't know what you can do for them

Honestly, customers don't care about your long 25-year history. They don't even care about what you do. They care about what you can do for them. But so often, we make the mistake of thinking that we have to tell people what we do, our lineage, our history. 

People don't know what to do after hearing you

Okay, so now they have come to your page. Or your store. Or your event. What next? 

Um... most businesses are shy about telling people 'BUY HERE!', though they really want you to buy. Instead, they skirt around the issue, as if you were scared that people would buy your stuff. Really?!

People go 'la, la, blah'

When your message doesn't resonate, people zone out. Click off, go to another page. They don't hear you, and they don't do what you're hoping for them to do.

Do you really want that for your business? 

People never come back

When you're competing on the Internet, with millions of other voices, and messages, if you don't engage from the first-off, these people will never come back. Never. Especially when there are a billion other results they can go to.

But most 'marketers' will tell you...

You really want to know? Okay fine. I will let you in on the secret.

"You must post more on social media!"

Nope. Google alone accounts for 57% of all traffic. Facebook? Just 5%. Why optimise for social media when there's so much organic (free!) traffic on Google?

And if you keep posting more on social media, you're just directing more traffic to Facebook. Not your own sites. 

"Forget traditional media like newspapers!" 

In today's confusing world, there is an increasing premium placed on trust. Mainstream media like newspapers still offer that credibility and trust for your brand. More importantly, they offer your brand an 'associated trust' by being featured on them. 

"Only conversions or money in matter."

Marketers will show you all the money they may have earned for their previous clients, but they may not tell you the ad spend needed to get that result. They focus on the bottom of funnel results, without realising that for long term success, it's optimising across the funnel that matters. 

Still don't believe why you're wasting money on Facebook?

Check this out.

Google wins, hands down. If your brand message is not optimised for Google, you'll never be found. 

We are different. 

We leverage traditional and digital media to amplify your message.

Most 'digital marketers' tell you about how they can run the best ads for you.

Digital media is just a small side of conversions. 

Public Relations + Technological Expertise

= Sustained Success

Most agencies offer the half-stack - running Google Ads, but you do your own content. Or make your own site. 

We do the full stack across the whole marketing funnel. 

We build your online site

Using the best tool stack on the market - WPX hosting for the fastest hosting on the Internet, Thrive Themes for conversion-focused sites, and built on top of Wordpress, which powers 43.2% of the Internet, we build no frills sites for you. 

We get you mentioned on traditional media. 

Traditional media may look old-fashioned. But if you're mentioned on the national broadsheet, you look legit. Seriously. The associated credibility that comes from being mentioned on those broadsheets is incomparable. 

We sustain engagement, at no extra costs

If you're honest, you don't want to be paying dollar after dollar to Facebook and Google just to find more leads. You want sustained interest, at no extra cost. But can you?

Yes, with Google. 

Can we ease your mind a bit? 

There's nothing wrong with your brand. Your business. Your message. Business can really be frustrating and overwhelming when you first start. After all, school never taught you how to do the 'business' study. Only how to follow the rules. 

You're not a bad communicator. And you're not alone. 

  • You just need the right tools to be confident about this 'message' thing. 

We have the guidance you need. 


I'm John. 

As a Registered Social Worker, I've worked with hundreds of young people just like you, from Peru, to the U.K., to Singapore, to Indonesia. 

That taught me a lot about understanding individual stories, and finding a way to reframe those. Then I realised that businesses and individuals also struggled with their message. And then I started working with them. 

Since then, I have written with the likes of DBS, Singapore Press Holdings and Rice Media. You can be sure that your content is in good hands.

We know what it feels like to struggle to be heard

We know what it feels like to see everyone getting ahead, and seeing yourself and your product seemingly getting nowhere. The frustration of being looked over for the promotion. The disappointment as you look at yourself in the mirror. 

We know you're the type of person who fights, who is driven and ambitious. Who wants to be excited, passionate and purposeful in life.

You're here because you're a fighter. You hustle. You tussle. 

And you struggle

That's really painful. We're here to help. 

We've worked with...

You can trust us. 

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Years working with clients.

Businesses Say

Professor John Devaney

Professor, University of Edinburgh

He has an easy delivery style that can convey complex information in ways which enhance understanding and learning.

Daryl Omerod

CEO, University of Nottingham's Students' Union

I am confident that John's future clients would find his passion, wisdom and courage to raise difficult questions helpful.

Clients say

Having had experience in public speaking, I was confident in my speaking abilities and charisma prior to entering John Lim's tutelage. However, under his guidance I quickly understood that speeches are less about bravado, and more about substance

Cian Brett - Legal Assistant

I have never known an individual who could capture my attention so quickly and keep me captivated.

Sid Basu - Graduate Trainee

I never felt intimidated to speak myself because of the compassionate nature of his teaching. 

Bethan Jones - Masters' Student

A case study - Love On Ukraine

Love On Ukraine is a Singaporean team providing assistance to the Ukraine war. They wanted us to help with raising awareness and driving increased resources to their site. 

We rebuilt their home page so it was clear what they were doing and how visitors could help. 

After interviewing them twice, we crafted a brand story that emotionally resonated with people, and also made it clear what the challenge was, and how they were plugging the gaps with their work. 

We nominated them for 2 awards, raising their profile. 

Nominating them for the ST Singaporean of the Year and the Red Dot Design Award, these awards raised the visibility of their work, once again, for no fee. 

We got them featured on mainstream media 3 times in 4 weeks 

By crafting pitches to different media outlets, journalists grew interested in what they were doing - and covered their work, for free. On Straits Times, for example, this would have cost $14,000.

This drove greater awareness of their work, and increased donations to their site. 

We leveraged global networks to increase the visibility of their work worldwide. 

We connected with local Ukrainians in Singapore to activate their help in supporting us in kind. For example, Ahrefs, an SEO toolset, offered the team their tools for free. This allowed the team to grow their SEO efforts. 

You can unleash the fullest potential of your message!

Here's how it works. 

01 - Call us now

Schedule a call with us.

In this call, we will understand what you're struggling with, what you've tried, and whether we will be a good fit. 

02 - Create plan

Based on your needs, we will create a plan that works for you, with you. We will create a list of things you can do immediately, and we will implement with you. 

03 - Keep on track

We will update you weekly on what we have done, and what the results are. We will tell you what we will do moving forward. 

Why this works

At Live Young and Well, we know you're the kind of person who is excited, passionate and purposeful in life. That's why you've spent so much effort in creating your product, your brand, even though you could just sit at home and do nothing. 


The problem is information noise, where there's so many gurus out there today that you wonder who to listen to. You feel frustrated that gurus keep promising, but never delivering. Then you look at your social media feeds, and you see the friends around you 'killing' it, living a life they love, and you feel even more left behind. 

We believe that no one should ever struggle in communicating their message. But you just weren't dealt a fair hand. School never taught you how to sell or speak well. They just taught you how to ace your subjects. 

We understand how frustrating it is to feel that you don't know how to succeed in life, get what you want, and live a happy life. 

That's why we developed the Uncover Framework. Here's how it works. 

uncover framework

How it works

  • Understand your message by knowing your why, what drives you, and what makes you wake up every morning. 
  • Unlock your message by understanding what you're best at through assessments like the Strengthsfinder. 
  • Unleash your message's potential by finding the stages where you can use your potential for the good of our world. 

So schedule a call now. 

Stop being stuck in life, going nowhere, and seeing your friends get ahead. Stop banging your head trying to listen to the next guru, or follow the next hottest trend. 

Start unleashing your own unique potential. By understanding your purpose. Unlocking the skills within you. Unleashing your potential on the stages that matter. 





  1. 12 month support 
  2. Custom domain name 
  3. Domain hosted on hosting provider 
  4. Custom domain email 
  5. Copy written for your home page




  1. 3 month support 
  2. 3 blog articles per month on SEO focused content, based on keyword research 
  3. 2 media mentions in mainstream media 
  4. 1 award nomination 

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I'm  John Lim. 

I suffered two quarter life crises in 4 years. I struggled to find passion and purpose in my work. Then I realised it wasn't just me. When I started working with young people, I saw people my age facing the same thing. 

There's a world where people can flourish into their fullest selves. They can live understanding their purpose, unlocking their skills, and unleash their potential for the good of the world. 

There's a world where their bosses can create the spaces where they can thrive, and not just survive. 

Let's create that. 

Love your work.

Work with passion and purpose. Weekly tips to create a career you love.