Your child doesn't have to be stressed and struggling at school.

Feeling powerless over your child struggling at school? Deep down, we know that if your child manages their emotions better, they will be a better master of their fate. Take Heart teaches your child how.

You might see your child struggling with this 

Feeling like a failure

Your child may struggle with climbing out of a rut after doing poorly for the past exams.

He just does not know just how to pick himself up again, and grit for the final exams that matter.

Anxious over the next exam

Anxiety can be a tough emotion to tackle, especially when your child seems so young. The solution isn't to give them more techniques, but to model what it looks like for them to share their emotion, and become more open.

Not knowing the point of studying

Let's face it. Studying is not easy, and not every child likes it.

Sooner or later they will ask questions like why study? Why even bother? Would you even use this in life? 

This will help your child With

Breaking down questions like "Why study"

With our detailed framework, students begin to go through simpler questions that enable them to explore their deeper skill-sets and to grow, and become the best version of themselves.

Immediately doing better at school

School can be a place where a child's precious confidence is broken, because there is a constant repeat of the narrative that they are not good enough. And there is an incredible focus on 'holistic' education, improving your child' weaknesses. 

Playing to your child's strengths is going to be much, much easier.

Managing complex emotions 

Emotions like anxiety can be tough, but with emotional first-aid techniques like writing a letter to themselves to celebrate their qualities, students improve how they see themselves, and take the progress into the classroom. 

Figuring out the future

Often, children are going to start thinking of big, existential questions like 'what do I do when I grow up?' And when you hear that, you're not too sure how to help them to decide their path. With clear steps, this book can help.

Why I can help your child

Nah, I've no fancy PhDs. But my story will be something your child can resonate with.

I underachieved in Junior College

Despite doing great at primary school, as I grew older I found myself slowly moving down the pecking order in school. 

I realised that I had spent too much time focused on my failures, rather than the genuine strengths I had. This led me to realise that tons of other students were facing the same, and if we could shift their thinking to see their strengths, they would become naturally better at what they did. 

I was depressed and hopeless

I was close to killing myself, because I didn't know what to do with my life. 

Yet I found that when I started accepting that there was no perfect decision, and started focusing on just making decisions, and figuring things out later, things became much easier. 

I went from suicide to scholarship

Amazed at the transformation?

Your child can have it too.

They Say

Dr Geraldine Tan

Director, The Therapy Room

This book is raw and real. A Singaporean child will read and be able to understand the yearnings and pains of the system.

Dr Daniel Fung

CEO, Institute of Mental Health

This is a must-read for parents, educators, social workers, and anyone interested in the mental wellbeing of young people in Singapore – towards a more compassionate and inclusive society.

Get your child happy and successful again.

Your child can become the very best version of themselves, even better than your dreams.