September 6

A free trial experience of Hom Yoga


The first time I saw Hom Yoga, I taught I was in a trendy, upmarket Scandinavian clothing shop.

With whitewashed walls, and pale wooden furniture, you would think that you would be shopping for clothes, rather than doing yoga.

It was a surprise when I saw the words ‘Hom Yoga’ lightly pressed onto the walls.

hom yoga review
Hom Yoga looks like a trendy, upmarket clothing shop

A friend invited me for a trial class, and I promptly went, wanting to try yoga again after a 3 year hiatus. Whilst I had tried it in university, I didn’t like it because I kept rolling over and making a fool of myself.

No one was laughing at me, but I did want to laugh at myself.

But this time in Hom Yoga, things were a lot more serious.

Gentle, nurturing teaching

I went for Power Flow, a class I had no idea of. I didn’t know where we were flowing to.

The class was delightfully taught, with the instructor being extremely patient with me. Others in the class were clearly pros, as they gently executed the moves with little difficulty. It was me rolling about like a little turtle turned over on its shell that got the instructors’ attention. After explaining that it was my first time, he paid more attention to helping me.

hom yoga review
What the inside of the studio looks like

He would walk by during some difficult moves, and whisper about how I could correct a move. Other times, he would guide me with his palms, especially when it looked like I was about to lose my balance.

All these made it a very nurturing environment to learn.

If you’re going to yoga as a beginner, this is a perfect place to start. Much though, as many have said, depends on the instructor, and how good they are.

A way around it is to go for classes with your favourite instructor.

Even during the moves, it was clear that he had prepared for the class. At the end of the class, I saw a sheet of paper jotted with scribblings, evidence that he had thought through the moves.

Don’t take this lightly. There are instructors who go to lessons expecting to ‘wing’ it. They are unprepared, and it shows.

You would see these unprepared instructors occasionally hesitating.

Like the showers?

Immediately after registering at Hom Yoga, they give you two towels. One to wipe your sweat, and the other to bathe with.

The bathing facilities have great shampoo and body soap. This is not a joke.

hom yoga review
fancy soap, anyone?

They really have their own locally sourced shampoo and soap, which smells great. Hom Yoga, if you haven’t realised, is big on sustainability. They believe in sustainability, and tell you how they believe in it everywhere you look.

Their tissue paper is ethically sourced. Their water is from special rocks.

It sounds funny, but you do get the sense that they take sustainability very seriously.

Not exactly cheap

Compared to the other yoga studios, Hom Yoga is a more premium, upmarket offering.

Class type Pricing (in Singapore dollars)
1 month unlimited 309, now 265
7 days unlimited trial 48
1 class 38
5 classes 169 (1 class is thus 33.80)
10 classes 309 (30.90 per class)
20 classes 599 (29.95 per class)
The pricing at Hom Yoga

For example, you will see the prices at Yoga Movement, another popular studio in Singapore, a much more affordable option.

Yoga Movement's class prices, compared
Yoga Movement’s class prices, compared

It’s not the cheapest around. But for the facilities, teaching, and the environment you train in, it is worth it (if you have cash to spare).


Choosing a yoga studio that suits you, isn’t an easy choice. For me, I didn’t choose to continue because it just felt that yoga wasn’t my thing. I enjoyed something that was more active, and less quiet.

I loved the shouting I could do in the fields when I was playing soccer with others. I loved the aggression in the tackle. I loved the joy of scoring a great team goal.

Stretching at yoga wasn’t really my thing.

I also thought there were better ways of spending my money. I was already trying to save money on my groceries, running to a grocery store 20 minutes away just to save $5. Or hiding in free working spaces so I didn’t have to pay for a coworking space.

It didn’t feel that wise to spend $25 on a yoga class, however fancy the store was.

But it may be yours.

Try a trial. You may find yourself liking it.


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