December 11

4 Cheapest haircuts in Singapore, starting from $4!


If you’re a guy, you don’t have to worry about needing to condition your hair, dye it, and layer it.

All you need to do is to get it cut.

Here’s the TLDR.

Shop name Location Price
Team MDI – contact them at their Facebook page Around the island Free haircuts for low income and the elderly
Aunty Ruth (home hairdresser) Hougang Avenue 1 $4
Snip Avenue Various places around the island Starts from $5.80
Buy a package of 12 for $58, and have it reduced to $4.83 per cut
KImage Hairdressing School 6 Raffles Boulevard #02-319, Marina Square, Singapore 039594 Students start at $6
But adults are at $14

Here’s how to get a better cut at a budget price

It’s not that easy to cut hair. It’s not like taking a pair of shears and shaving off the wool of a sheep.

It takes more skill than that. Often, if you simply go

ah aunty, just do a high slope here…

You might end up with some pretty nasty looking hair.

A better way is to go ahead and screenshot some pictures of the hairstyle you want, so the hairdresser actually knows where to go.

Snip Avenue

Snip Avenue primarily has hairdressers that are from Malaysia or China.

Don’t ask me how they get so many foreigners, but I can’t exactly say my hair was cut more poorly.

Or maybe that’s also because I don’t have much hair.

The cheapest way to get a haircut is to buy a prepaid package of 12 for $58, which works out to $4.83 per cut.

Snip Avenue package prices
Just look at how cheap the prices are!

It’s worth it.

Sure, they won’t have any fancy styles, but you will definitely find them neat and snappy with their cut.

I love it.

They don’t try to make pointless conversation with me. Tell them what you want.

And all they do is cut my hair, and then go.

Just look at all their outlets around the island.

There’s definitely a place for you.

Home hairdressers, like Aunty Ruth (Hougang Avenue 1)

Here’s another place I love.

She’s been cutting my hair since I was a pimply 12 year old in secondary school.

You will have to call her to get an appointment, but you don’t have to worry about squeezing in small barber shops.

With Ruth, all it costs is $4 for a quick cut.

Actually, if you ask your mum if she knows any home hairdressers, you will definitely get a good deal somewhere.


This is a hairdressing school that offers better quality cuts.

That is, if you’re looking for a good cut.

Free haircuts by the community

Of course, if you’re out for a really, really good lobang, you shouldn’t miss those free haircuts by the community volunteers like Team MDI, or the Workers’ Party.

Ah relax, it won’t turn out that bad

You might be worried about entrusting your precious head of hair to the cheapest providers in the market.

But after 10 years of cutting my hair, I’ve realised that honestly, not many of us are out to make a fashion statement with our hair.

All we need is hair that looks presentable, and tidy.

The cheapest kid on the block – Snip Avenue, should do that just fine.



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