Keynotes that transform people's relationship with their emotions and body, for health and happiness.

We aren't here to waste your time. We give you insights that work. 

You've probably had keynotes that are:


Slide after slide of death by PowerPoint. Or keynotes that are spoken at you, and not with you. Jokes that aren't funny. 

We've been there. We've slept through them. 

And that's why we want to do something different. 

Waste of money

The average cost of booking a speaker in Singapore is $10,000. And you're not really sure what the speaker does beyond providing some entertainment for your audience. What does the audience really learn? 

Nah. We don't do that. Our keynote is part of a wider programme that transforms your teams' health and happiness in a sustainable way. 


Old(er) people talking about their experiences on stage. Or people with fancy PHDs. 

We aren't really like that. Don't book us if you want PHDs and CEOs. 

We only have lived experience that works, and has worked for thousands of other clients. 

why we rock

We're not embarrassed to say this, because customers keep saying we're that good. 

We engage through performance

A keynote is NOT a speech. It is a performance.

That means we invite your audiences into a deep, experiential keynote where they laugh, cry, and are constantly engaged. 

We follow up

After the keynote, we don't take your money and run away. We choose to follow up with your team via our specially curated products (at no fee!) and with weekly newsletters with actionable tips. 

We speak from lived experience

Most speakers who share, are speakers who've had it easy. They may have some PHDs. Or fancy titles. 

We have none. We were once very sad, and not very fit. We transformed our lives, and found a series of methods that worked for the clients we work with. Now we are on a mission to spread the message far and wide. 

We save you money

Big-name speakers charging $10,000 a speech have fancy offices and big cars. We don't have that. We work out of our homes, so we can pass the savings direct to you.

We believe in making keynotes as affordable as they can be, so that as many people as possible get the insights they need. 

Our keynotes

Here are keynotes designed for your health and happiness. 

Why you're never fit (even though you try your best)

We know all the fitness passes that we've never used. Why do we do that, despite our best intentions?

In this keynote, we present a contrarian look to the modern day fitness fads. They say exercise more? No, we say, exercise less, and eat less too. 

They say cardio for fat burn? No we say, weights, for greater fat burn. 

The upside of the down - why embracing our emotions makes us more successful people

People always talk about mental health, and how you should talk about it. But no, we say that you should act on it. 

People talk about how you should care for your mental health. But we say that you should care more about your mental wellness. It's seeing the upside of the 'negative' emotions you feel. 

Because when you embrace those, you begin to find courage, strength and hope. 

Why chasing your passion is bad advice, and what you should do instead

People always talk about chasing your passion. Nah, that doesn't work. We want to present you with the skills-craft hypothesis, something that we've seen work for the many clients we've worked with. There's the myth of 'passion' that we want to talk about. 

And by addressing this, your team starts tapping on their true strengths, and finding their true powers.

We know how hard it is to find good speakers with great messages. 

We've booked speakers ourselves, and are speakers too. 

You're scared of bombing your event

A bad, boring speaker, can mean your entire company hates you. And your CEO will think you've just wasted all his money. 

You don't know if the speaker will work for your people

You're afraid speakers may only play to certain crowds. 

You're afraid the audience learns little

Talk is easy, right? The speaker can say anything he wants, and still collect his fee. But you're the one who bears the brunt of the criticism. 

Don't worry. You're in good hands. 

We've got great experiences across different industries. 

Our speakers

Lishan is passionate about connecting mind to body, and uses yoga to help people build a deeper connection between mind, body and spirit. 


yoga teacher

Nicholas is crazy about fitness. Obsessed over finding the latest research that will contribute to physical fitness, his speeches bring a combination of wit and evidence. 

nicholas Ng

Mr World Singapore 2020

John believes that when people focus on relationships, rather than experiences, they start living fuller lives. He has spoken in China, Peru, the U.K., and Singapore, transforming the lives of thousands with his keynotes. 

John Lim

Founder, Gutenhag