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Revealed: how you can eat and train like Mr World Singapore 2020

Has your new-year resolution to get fit fallen flat?

About the Webinar

You know the crazy promises out there. Ripped in 7 days. 6-packs in 6 days.

This is no nonsense. No steroids. All natural. All methods that work. 

Because we work them. 

No more failed New-Year resolutions. 

Hi, I’m Nicholas Ng. 

Webinar Date & Time:

Monday 25th Jan / 19:30 HRS (SG time)

About the Speaker:

Nicholas used to be Mr Scrawny. Then he became Mr World Singapore in 2020. How? By eating and training right. By doing the right things. By putting the right things in his calendar. It's not just the things you do, but what you don't

on this webinar

You'll learn about...

Overcoming food addiction

How to stop eating food you know you shouldn't eat, but still eat. 

Having good mental habits

You know it's not just about what you do. It's how often you do it. How do you exercise, when you don't feel like it?

Getting rid of love handles

Stubborn fats that seem to refuse to go away? Find out 1 simple method to removing them. 

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