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Living well doesn’t need you to sacrifice your dreams. Here’s why.


Living Young and Well
It is possible to be happy in your life, even if you are still young

We all probably would have heard people, especially those of an older age with more experience in life, giving us advice to live while we are still young and to live well.

We often give a demure smile and nod our heads to the advice they have given us but on a deeper level, have we actually thought through what they meant by that?

What messages do they actually want to get across to us when they ask us to live well while we are still young?

Today, I’ll give my own take on this matter, what it means to me to live while I’m young and how do I live well, in this article.

I’m writing this article, where the only intent is for me to express my own opinion and the reason behind why I resonate so much with Live Young and Well! I hope whoever that is reading will find it helpful and meaningful in one way or another!

What does it actually mean to live young and well?

When we hear the term “Live Young and Well”, what pops up in your mind?

What exactly do you mean by living young and well? To bring across my take on what it means, I’ll be splitting it into 2 parts to formulate my own opinions with regards to this phrase!


How to live young and well
Learning to live well while one is still young

Living Well

Well is in fact, a term many may find subjective and that we all may have different standards as to what well can possibly be. Some of us may strive to achieve a better material standard of living while some may choose to prioritise on the non-material aspect.

To me, living well would definitely be taking care of my mental wellness and physical health.

While we are young, we may tend to take our physical health for granted, thinking that we are still young and that we can still stay up, forsake our sleep to complete our work, we can still eat and consume as much alcohol we want with a strong immune system and high metabolism.

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How do you want to remember the rest of your days?

In reality, while you may not feel the effects at the moment, indulging in these unhealthy habits really does take a toll on your body, which one will eventually experience progressively.
How then do we take care of our health to live well?

(i) Physical Activities
As compared to sacrificing my health for wealth, I strongly believe that health is wealth and that to me, living well in the physical aspect would definitely be taking part in physical activities that interests me, allowing me to have fun, relax while exercising.

I personally do also find it important to exercise regularly, in order to keep fit and for one to start a day with a positive outlook and mentality of how exercising has made you become healthier.

(ii) Diet and Nutrition

In addition, I think it would be important to watch your diet and nutrition intake to ensure that your body is able to get all the nutrients they need.

Nah, you really don’t want to grow fat on more ice cream

Moreover, watching your diet helps you to ensure that you are not overeating or indulging in unhealthy eating habits, which is of great importance when it comes to needing the energy for exercising and physical activities. Having a good eating habit would also help us to boost our immunity and help to keep you in good health and protect you against chronic disease.

Along with physical activity, a balanced diet can also contribute to enhanced independence as you age

(iii) Mental Health

On the other hand, living well to me would also involve taking care of the mental aspect of my wellness. Mental wellness would definitely be related to having a good mentality and positive outlook and mindset such that one will be able to start the day with hope and optimism which makes them feel happier and better about themselves.

Learning to be grateful and to love what you have, would definitely make you a lot more content and happier with your current state of life, which stops you from being stressed out and from putting yourself in a constant rat chase to achieve more and more

When you are constantly dissatisfied with how your life is now, you start comparing it to what others have. While I’m not saying that having ambition or working towards more is bad, like all things, it has to come with a moderation and your non-material standard of living should never be at the expense of your material goals and dreams, vice versa.

On the other hand, ensure that you take care of your own mental health and that you are well-rested, with adequate amount of sleep, healthy and good habits such as telling yourself “you can do it” daily, doing something you like daily, having a good work-life balance etc. are all particularly useful in helping one adopt a healthier mentality, a better mental health and a more positive outlook of life

Live one day at a time while you’re still young

What comes next after living your life well? Learning to live your life well while you are still young.

(i) Having the courage to pursue and chase your dreams

In my previous article I’ve written about this point before hence I will not be going in depth about it. I wrote previously about pursuing your dreams in my previous article, which I’ll be linking here.

To me, living while I’m young would definitely be me living the life I want, doing what I want, having a good social life and a good time. I’ve talked about having the courage to pursue and chase your dreams since you only live once so live life the way you want your life to be and do what you want to do.

Time is gold and that pursuing your dreams and doing what you want requires time, which you have an abundance of while you are still young so do it while you still have time, leave no regrets and live life the way you want it to be.

(ii) Consider experimenting with different career pathways
While you are still young, consider trying out different career options and pathways you want to take so you know what’s the best fit for you.

Use the time you have as a young adult to discover what suits you best, what you like to do best because this time of your life is your prime age, one in which you will never get to experience again, one in which you are able to do whatever you want with your life without as many concerns or responsibilities.

Only through trying and living out different versions of your life will you know which is the best for you and the life you truly want to lead for the rest of your life.

I believe I’ve shared a lot of my own perspective on how I feel about this term “Live Young and Well” and I believe it is enough for today! On the other hand, if you are interested in finding out how do here at Live Young and Well, we have to help you courses to help you transit to adulthood, courses and services that helps you enhance your knowledge and takes care of your mental and physical health, open to individuals or corporates, so do leave us your email or contact details should you be interested in finding out more. What struggles do you have living well? Add them in the comments below and I hope this article has touched


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