Understand why you don't get the body you want

Do you want a better body... with a programme that works?

No hacks. No tricks. Just a programme that works. 

be content

Do you feel like you're drowning in the sea of information?

There's so much information out there. And frankly, so much junk. People telling you to do intermittent fasting. Then people telling you NOT to. The latest fat-busting diet. 
How many years have you wasted trying to figure out what works, and what doesn't?

How many MORE years do you want to waste? 

Are you sick and tired of NEVER getting the body you want?

Let me guess. You're tired. 

You're tired of stepping on the scales and seeing no change.
You’re angry at yourself for popping another cookie in your mouth.
You’re bored, sick and tired of doing the same thing everyday, with no excitement, change, variety, or progress.
You lose the motivation to carry on. After all, what’s the point? You’re not seeing any progress at all.
You find yourself blaming yourself whenever your weight doesn’t change.

You find yourself asking, 

Why am I torturing myself?

There were days when I would step on the scale, look at the weight go up, and want to SMASH the scale. I just thought to myself: I did all that work, went on a diet, and THIS? This must be a joke! 

I would step in front of the mirror, day after day, month after month, track my calories, and then see the results. 

NOTHING. No weight loss. No tummy slimming. No six-packs. 

Just a family pack I was slapping all day. 

Yes, you've tried. 

The latest app. Diet. Exercise. 

Let me guess, nothing seems to stick. Your new routine started... but it didn't seem to stick. Or it stuck, but it didn't give you the change you wanted. You look at yourself in the mirror, and you wonder if you'll ever reach your fitness goals. 

Here's why your fitness advice doesn't work.

For all the research, evidence, and cutting-edge techniques they tell you, there are a few things that make failure inevitable. 

The 'Always in the Zone' Fallacy

If you fail in your fitness, it's because you haven't done X or Y or Z. You're expected to be a 100%. How is that even possible? You're not a robot. You will definitely fail. How then can you have failsafes, so that there's a reasonable margin of safety that allows you to fail, and still succeed? 

What works for them, not what works for YOU

Your body is unique. Your guru's fitness takes place in HIS context. His life, is different from yours.

Your life, too, comprises different things. However many client testimonials he has, it's not going to be your testimonial. Because you have a different body! So you need to find what works for you, not for others. 

Focus on the physique

It's easy to look at the 6-packs. But they forget the psychological aspect. Because buying the newfangled fitness course is no promise that you will actually DO the course. 

We need to look at the physical, and also the psychological aspects of fitness.

Here's my story. 

In September 2019, I returned from England to Singapore. I lost everything I knew. To cope with the grief, I stuffed myself with food. Chocolate. Cookies. WHOLE cakes!

I ended up growing 8kg in a month

I tried everything I knew. I went to the gym 5 times a week. Tried celery smoothies blended with bitters like lemon peels (DON'T ever try that.) Got a coach. But still, I stayed fat. Everyday, I would step on the scales, and find no change.

That outward fitness affected my inward self-esteem. I found myself filled with self loathing. Slapping my tummy. Saying to myself after another heavy meal - what a fatty!

Then COVID happened in April 2020. I thought: this is it. I'm going to grow fatter, and fatter, and fatter.

But I did something different. I exercised everyday. Got into a community. Addressed my mental state.

The weight came down. And stayed down.

That's when I realised: 

You don't get the body you want because...

you don't have a programme that works your physique and your psychology. 

That's why we built a village. 

There are 3 pillars. 


Are you tired of working out alone, without any idea if you're even on the right track?

If you're even doing the right thing? That's why you have a coaching call at regular intervals, to keep you on track. 


Are you confused about all the information out there, that says this... and then when you do that... something else happens? Or the workouts that you really WANT to do, but can't find the motivation to do? 

Our courses focus on the physical, as much as the psychological aspects of fitness. 


It's lonely. Lift weights alone, run alone, do things alone. 

That's why we are building an online community, to drive an offline community. Where you can come together with others, have meals, and talk about life. Share about life. 

This is not another Facebook group.

We meet up in person so you can share your wins and your struggles. 

This is a real community, with genuine friendship, companionship, and relationship

What you learn

You're not here to waste time. You're here to get what works.

Module 1: Mind over Matter

Struggling to get to the gym, when it's time to get there? You know it's not just about buying the gym membership, or paying for the coach... right? It's about actually turning up. How do you turn up? Here are the mental habits you need. 

Module 2: Nuts about Nutrition

Calories in LESS than calories out. How hard is that? Well, very hard, indeed. That's why you don't lose weight, right? 

Not every calorie is created equal. Did you know that? That's why your 1 calorie of chocolate is not as great as 1 calorie of cod fish. Here's the principles to good that you never knew, so that you build the correct calories in, and you win at this game

Module 3: Workouts that Work

Confused over all the workouts out there? We don't want to give you another fitness video to watch and follow. Heck, we don't want you to watch us for the rest of our lives!

We don't want to tell you what workout to do.I mean, you're not a kid right? 

You're the pro! So we give you the principles to be the pro! You're the expert on your own life, you know what it takes to workout. You know your body best. Build your own workout. 

How is this different? 

A to B, from step to step

Let's face it, it's a jungle out there. So much noise, and so little clarity! Here's some clarity for once. Backed by research, worked through with many clients, these are the basics for you to supercharge your fitness. Get the foundation right, and you get everything else steady. 

Focus on mind, not just matter

Damn the gurus that show you their six-packs. You only get jealous at the end of it. Can they empathise with you being unfit? Stop looking at them. You will only feel worse with the continued focus on external, over what's internal. Your mind matters too. Because you know it's not buying the gym membership that's tough. It's getting to the gym. Here's how. 

expert help, peer help, self help

We pioneered the 3-D Approach to Fitness. Think of it as a X-Y-Z axis. Where you're in close relationship with an expert coach (y-axis). Where you're in close community with other motivated peers like yourself, meeting them weekly on checkin calls (x-axis). Where you're in good relationship with yourself, knowing the skills to tweak and optimise your lifestyle, to turbocharge your fitness, supercharge your life.

Our programme features

This is why you can build the body you want. 

Monthly meetups

You get to physically sit with others, share wins, struggles, and get solutions to them. 

Weekly Zoom calls 

Each week, you get to ask the trainers anything you want. Whether it be your struggle to change your habits or changes to your routine. 

Online course

You don't succeed, because you don't have the foundations to succeed. What are the principles that work with your nutrition, exercise, and mindset? 

Who's teaching you?

Nicholas Ng

Fitness Trainer

You might be suffering today with food addiction. You might wonder if anyone can empathise or understand you. 

Nicholas can. 

Nicholas knows what it's like to be suffering with an eating disorder. From those lows, he's come to a complete transformation. Today, he is Mr World Singapore 2020. He has coached many clients to reach their fitness transformations. With over 10 years of personal fitness experience, he knows what works. And he has proof of what works. 

John Lim


Are you suffering with finding the motivation to train? Or to find the commitment to set the right goals? 

John has worked with scholars from the likes of Russia, Spain, Thailand, England, and Peru to help them understand, unlock and unleash their fullest potential. With his help, a Russian who never studied in English came first in her Master's course in England. In English. 

With our help, if you've not reached your goal, it's time. 

Are you ready?

They Say


Former client

A great advantage I credit to Nick is his ability to ask the right questions that matter... One lauds his untiring effort in upgrading his knowledge and skills by engaging and learning from other renowned professionals in the same field, and sharing them in his trainings. 

His insatiable appetite for all genres of books is a testament that this young personal trainer is not only brawn but brains as well!


Former client 

Having had serious insecurities about going to a gym - Nicholas managed to quickly understand what I needed from him as a coach to make me feel comfortable, motivated and eager to learn. I gained an incredible amount of knowledge of how best train my body and keep up momentum, turning going to the gym as something I feared to something I thoroughly enjoyed and looked forward to!

Who this will work for 

From fat to fit 

Struggling with losing fat? This is the course that will give you the basic rundown on fat loss, the food to eat/not to eat, the exercise regime to have... and more importantly, the mental habits that will help you to find progress, when you don't seem to find any. 

From Fit to Fitter

Struggling to break out of the plateau? Let me guess. You're fit. But you want that six-pack. Or the greater muscle definition and tone. Well... this is it. You can have it with the right mindset, heart-set and work-set to get you to where you want to be. 

Here is what people have said of our teaching. 

In the following sessions, through his enigmatic and dynamic teaching style...thereby improving my ability significantly.

Cian Brett

masters in law student

(John) has an easy delivery style that can convey complex information in ways which enhance understanding and learning.”

Professor John Devaney

Professor, centenary chair of social work, university of Edinburgh, 

 He also prompted thought into what could be done to help them to develop their fullest potential. I am confident that John's future clients would find his passion, wisdom and courage to raise difficult questions helpful.

Daryl Omerod

CEO, university of nottingham students' union

Don't waste your money and your time. 

This is not for you if...

This is for you...

  • If you want to stop wasting your time going down another YouTube rabbit hole, searching for the latest fad. 
  • If you want sustainable change, rather than yo-yo change that goes up, down, left, right. 
  • If you want to learn more about how you can improve your entire life, and not just your body.  
  • If you want something that has transformed the lives of 400 different clients by giving them the bodies they want. 

This is not for you...

  • If you want to get ripped in a week
  • If you want easy workouts
  • If you don't want to learn anything and want people to tell you what to do
  • If you want to get another quick diet that gets you to your desired weight in a quick time

Our limited offer ends in 3 days.

Our first live call starts on the 2nd Tuesday of every month. 

Get ready!


You missed out!

course + call only

Build the skills you need. 

SG$57 397


What's included

  • 1 monthly community call, for you to ask all the questions you need (worth $90 per hour)
  • 1 dedicated online coach to answer the questions you have, within 24 hours ($110 per month)
  • Course on the principles of fitness (worth $197)

Join us on an adventure of a lifetime. 

Fitness is just another aspect of life. Don't focus on fitness, whilst missing the rest of life. 

Journey with us on this 'life-thing'. 

You won't regret it.