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5 Best Careers to Explore in Singapore


So, you’re INFP.

Introverted, intuitive, feeling, and perceiving.

Quieter than most.

Yes, we know you might be sick and tired of listening to people

And in a place like Singapore, that’s constantly bustling, you might find it difficult to find your place.

In fact, no matter how hard you try, you might have faced problems like the following.

Your boss complains that you’re too quiet

Your boss probably has asked you to speak up over and over again, wondering why you’re so quiet, and so hard to engage. But you’re not quiet. You’re just thinking.

But in a place like Singapore, where everything is fast, fast, fast (!), it might be hard to convince your boss, of just that.

You feel overwhelmed in the office

Ooi! Can you pass me that drink!

Buy me a Kopi-O!

You wonder why your colleagues can’t just whisper softly.

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Yes, we know that you sometimes wish you could fly away from your colleagues

But when you try to cancel out the noise with your headphones, you’re seen as ‘not a team player’.

What can you look forward to in Singapore?

Singapore, a shimmering jewel in Southeast Asia’s crown, has long been regarded worldwide, as a business haven where ambition meets opportunity.

The city-state has long captured the imagination of professionals from all over the globe, thanks in large part to its booming economy and strategic location in the very heart of the region.

Singapore’s pristine streets are lined with modern architecture, and it’s not uncommon for traditional hawker centres to coexist seamlessly with avant-garde business hubs.

For the modern business traveler, Singapore promises a superior standard of living in addition to fruitful professional prospects.

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A modern metropolis like Singapore can be hard to navigate

Imagine landing after a long-haul flight and being greeted by the city’s iconic skyline, followed by a smooth check-in to world-class Singapore airport accommodation.

It’s this attention to detail—this melding of convenience with luxury—that makes Singapore an ideal place for many to visit on business or even to live and work in for the long-term.

This article aims to walk readers through the best of what this dynamic metropolis has to offer the modern INFP female professional, shedding light on careers that promise both professional growth and personal enrichment.

Finance and Banking

Nope, you don’t have to be that overpowering female that speaks up in meetings to climb to the top of the finance and banking field.

With your superpower as an introspective, feeling person, you would probably establish relationships much better than the average person.

That’s where a role like:

  1. Research analyst
  2. Relationship manager;

can really help you to climb above and beyond the pack.

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Wondering how you can better navigate your path in Singapore?

It’s impossible to overlook Singapore during any conversation about global financial hubs.

The Lion City is home to the headquarters of numerous banks, both regional and international—testaments to Singapore’s financial might. It has meticulously crafted its reputation in the global financial sphere over the decades, prioritising stability, transparency, and innovation.

However, what truly sets Singapore apart is its adaptability. As traditional banking avenues continue to thrive, there’s a parallel surge in fintech initiatives.

But beyond that, you can also start your own tech firm!

You might be a strong technical expert that’s more comfortable with the realm of ideas than with the hard charging finance executive.

Just look at the biography of Jennifer Doudna, who revolutionised the Gene Editing, and the Future of the Human Race.

From blockchain to digital banking solutions, Singapore is keen on embracing the future of finance. For professionals, this translates to a plethora of possibilities.

Whether one wishes to work with established financial institutions, or venture into the realm of fintech startups, Singapore provides abundant opportunities for both.

Information Technology

Despite its humble beginnings and tiny size, Singapore has long loomed large in the global narrative of digital progress.

One of the roles to consider is the Product Manager role.

Over the years in the startup space, I’ve found more and more female product managers who have been more adept at engaging both the tech and marketing sides, which you might know as having differing objectives.

They are able to listen, and then communicate the different points of view, and find a compromise.

But again, another role you might wish to consider is that of a coder. Programming takes place behind a screen, and as long as you push out good code, you can stay safely hidden.

How to meet new friends in Singapore
Now you can hide behind your computer without worrying about being judged.

The city-state’s commitment to technological advancement is evident in many aspects of the way it is run, from its infrastructure and governance to the local business ecosystem—the last of which is widely regarded as one of the most hospitable to innovation in the entire world.

Consider the Smart Nation initiative.

For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, as a small business, we were given grants to purchase laptops, and pay for Zoom subscriptions, even though we had barely been in existence for 2 months, and there wasn’t any guarantee that we would continue surviving.

This focus on technology makes Singapore an ideal playing field for IT professionals. With cybersecurity gaining prominence, Singapore is investing heavily in safeguarding its digital assets.

Concurrently, there’s a push towards developing solutions in artificial intelligence, data analytics, and software development. Singapore’s tech ecosystem is vibrant, supported by state-of-the-art facilities, research institutions, and a collaborative spirit. In short, it’s the perfect environment for researchers and tech entrepreneurs.

Biomedical Sciences and Healthcare

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You don’t have to go crazy working overtime in the healthcare sector

Singapore’s stance on biomedical sciences and healthcare is both proactive and progressive.

The city-state recognises the global importance of advancing medical science and has, over the years, become a pivotal centre for research and innovation in this domain. Testament to this are the presence of leading research institutions, the development of modern hospitals, and a government keen on investing in the sector.

One role you might want to look at is being a healthcare professional, like a doctor, or an allied health professional like a physiotherapist.

With those jobs focused on largely 1 to 1 work, you might find yourself better at ease.

The nation’s dedication to health is evident in its wealth of biomedical hubs and research parks. These clusters facilitate interaction between academics, researchers, and businesses, as well as promote the swift transition of ideas from lab to market.

For professionals in these industries, the landscape is perfect for cultivation. From conducting groundbreaking research in genetics to developing the next generation of medical devices, Singapore provides a conducive environment.

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You might be really tired of all the input coming at you everyday

Pharmaceutical giants, alongside budding biotech firms, have set up bases in Singapore, attracted by its robust infrastructure and skilled workforce.

The country’s strategic location also provides productive inroads into the broader Asia-Pacific market.

Together, these advantages place biomedical researchers and healthcare professionals in an ideal position to help solve some of the world’s most pressing healthcare challenges.

Tourism and Hospitality

The eclectic mix of history, culture, and modernity Singapore offers makes it a premier travel destination in Asia.

Think of the iconic Marina Bay skyline, historical districts, lush green spaces, and a culinary scene that’s a feast for the senses.

All these unique selling points collectively lure millions of visitors each year. This influx of travelers, coupled with the city’s role as a business hub, keep Singapore’s tourism and hospitality sectors vibrant.

A wide spectrum of work opportunities is available in Singapore’s hospitality and tourism sectors. Hotels in Singapore range from luxurious resorts with breathtaking views to boutique establishments that offer a unique charm. For those keen on event management, the city’s packed calendar, featuring everything from business conventions to arts festivals, promises dynamic avenues.

How to choose which stocks to buy in Singapore

Education and Training

Education is a cornerstone of Singapore’s success story.

The city-state’s emphasis on creating a knowledge-based economy is reflected in its world-class educational institutions and training centres. Naturally, mounting demand for quality education includes institutions especially catered to an international audience.

International schools in Singapore have historically been numbered among the island’s premier educational establishments. These schools, which cater primarily to the country’s diverse expatriate community, offer globalised curricula that easily accommodate the needs of students from various cultural backgrounds.

One thing you might want to explore is that of a career counsellor. Whilst being a teacher might necessitate great extrovert skills to interact with the class, the career counsellor is a little more introverted.

You get to work 1-1 with students.

Singapore’s expertise in the realm of education doesn’t stop at formal schooling, either. With the corporate sector’s expansion, there’s a growing demand for professional training and development programs.

Institutions that offer courses in digital skills, leadership training, or even language proficiency find a ready audience in professionals eager to upskill.

Furthermore, the government’s support for lifelong learning ensures that the education and training sector will remain robust. Initiatives that promote skills enhancement and retraining create a culture where learning is a continuous journey rather than simply a phase.

For educators and trainers, this culture opens up endless possibilities to mentor, guide, and inspire others.

Just find your place, and see the skills you have

Singapore stands as a witness to the harmonious fusion of tradition, innovation, and ambition.

For professionals eyeing global horizons, this city-state offers a stage like no other.

Your field as an INFP, is wide to explore, you just need to be willing to take the plunge.

I used to think that as an INFP, I was weak. I wished that I was braver, more extroverted, but today, I’ve learnt to see that as a core skill.

You too, can grow, if you are willing to.



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