Stop struggling with your website. We do sites lightning-fast. In 9 days.

Stop going down YouTube rabbit holes to figure out how to fix your site. Do the real work that earns you money. Real money.

How to live a single life without feeling lonely

Sick of scrubbing YouTube videos and scrolling Google for answers?

Yes, you probably didn't expect a website to be this difficult. And you're tired of going through TONS of articles to find the obscure answer to how to fix that widget. Or find where the font change button is.

Confused about all the different options?

WordPress. Wix. Webflow. Custom code.

Shit. You must be a coder to make a website.

Heck no. We help you find the best option.

It used to be crazy trying to figure out what to use. But John and his team quickly identified what we needed and made the choice a lot simpler. 

- Jason, founder of 121sg.com 

You don't have to be destroyed by the Internet.

Let us help you. 

They Say

Israel Mbonyi

Rwandan singer with 556k YouTube subscribers - israelmbonyi.com

John's team was amongst the fastest and most reliable team we worked with.

We had struggled with another designer for 8 months, with nothing produced, and them even ending up using our domain name for gambling sites.

John accompanied us every step of the way, giving invaluable guidance and help.

Dominika Mofele 

Iris Krakow - iriskrakow.com

John's team did things many could not. We got our site in 2 weeks, after struggling through for the past 2 years. We were able to see the fruits of this website, with at least 30% more people contacting us after we had our site. 

John's team is definitely recommended, if you want anything done, fast, and reliably.

What $970 gets you

Here's why we've been booked over and over again.

The Best Money Can Buy

5 Web Pages You Need

Whatever is needed to launch your site, we will do it. Usually this comprises the home, about, service/product page, contact, and delivery page.

Copy that converts

You don't just want a fancy website. You want to get sales and conversions. We help you get that, fast.

Best-in-class hosting (worth $299/year)

Because you deserve the best, we use the fastest WPX.net hosting in the market, so that your site runs like a Speedy Gonzales.

Domain name (worth $19)

Whatever domain name you want, we get it fixed. Fast.

Not sure if we are the right fit?

You don't have to commit without knowing what you are buying. 

Starting something, anything, is crazy. Ever felt like this?

You have to learn tons of things, fast.

Like how to buy your domain. Change the nameservers. Host. Or fix the fonts. Change the theme. Find how to put the buttons. You spend time going down articles, YouTube rabbit holes, and feeling more frustrated. All these take time, away from the precious work you need to do to launch your business. 

You can feel frustrated by the conflicting information out there.

If your favourite query on Google now is "how to...", welcome to the club. You might be feeling more and more frustrated with the amount of information you have to go through before you get the right solution that works. 

You're angry that you're not getting closer to your launch.

What's probably even worse is just feeling that you're getting further and further away from your launch. After all this hard work, your site is still in pieces, and you can sometimes feel like sitting down and crying. 

Here's how we do it

Step 1: Scope out requirements 

We ask you to fill up a comprehensive Google Document with everything you want the site for, and we start making it immediately after receiving your payment.

Step 2: Submit first draft within 4 days 

In 4 days, after working hard, we submit to you the first draft. We then hear your feedback and then launch another design sprint.

Step 3: Finish and submit final site in 9 days

When we've heard your feedback, we start working hard and finishing up the final work to pass it to you.

Stop procrastinating on your dreams.

You know you're avoiding the hard work. And we want to get you up and running. Fast.

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