Want to un-burnout yourself?

You're sick and tired of being tired all the time. Unexcited about life. You've had enough. 

Stop burnout TODAY. 

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The problem

Why your burnout never stops

You're tired of being tired. It's the same old thing all day, everyday. Wake up, go to your desk at home, go from online meeting to online meeting... and at the end of the day, go to your sofa, watch some Netflix... rinse and repeat. Nothing seems to work. 

The gurus on Instagram insert pithy quotes to tell you to do more self care. As if you didn't know that. 

Or they ask you to take a break. Use your leave. But you know that you'll come back with even more work. And back where you started. 

This seems like a vicious cycle... or is it?

They tell you more tips to try. 

No matter how many tips you try, it doesn't seem to stick. Why? Because they deal with the physical challenge of burnout, and talk little about the psychological challenges. They tell you to do more physical stuff, but don't talk about the mental reframes needed.

They ask you to pay for expensive counselling. 

$50. $100. $200?! Come on! You're sick and tired of work... and they are asking you to work more to afford help?

Surely there's something cheaper than that. 

They 'fix' you by talking, writing or speaking. 

You have to listen to someone talk more. Read something (as if there isn't enough to read already!) No one seems to realise that people solve problems with other ways too! 

What you tell yourself about burnout (and why it doesn't work)

I just need to work harder. 

You're just inefficient, right? That's why others can get their work done and laugh at the same time, whilst you can't. You just need to work harder. Find another productivity tip. Or app. Or just spend more time at work. 

I just need more time. 

Yeah... you need more time to do your work. And then everything will be fine. You just need to spend more time at work, and you will get the work done, and no longer feel so worried and tired all the time. 

I just need to rest. 

You need some rest. Once you're recharged, you will get better. But realise that sleep is not helping you? That you want to sleep more? Even after you've slept the whole day? 

It can't be that serious. 

I'm just tired. How serious can it be?

why we did this

You're tired of trying more things that don't work. 

Many gurus talk about the breaks you need to give yourself. Or how you need to be more productive with your work to avoid burnout. Yes, the physical things matter. But they don't talk about the mental reframe you need. 

John was so burnt out from work that he quitted his job, even though he had no other job lined up. Well, we don't want you to do that. We realised there had to be a better solution than just quitting one's job. 

Then we heard about the client who spent thousands for a holiday, and came back even more tired. 

We also heard about others who tried to relax with more Netflix... but felt more unfulfilled. 

We realised that it wasn't about doing more stuff to stop burnout. It was about being with burnout. 

You're sick and tired of being TIRED. 

There are always more things to do. You're sick and tired of that.

You wish someone could give you a hug and say, "Hey, well done! You've done really well this year. I see how hard you've worked." 

So much of the advice out there is about doing more. It's not about being more. 


What they say

maria turda

PHD Fellow, University of Central Lancashire

Love the ideas, the images, and the idea. Gives a very positive and good vibe :)



Wow. I am blown away -- by your thoughtfulness, sincerity and presence of being. 

Hope you can shine some of this love and positivity back on yourself.

One Day at a time

Introducing: One Day At A Time - The 21 Day Challenge to Un-Burnout

You don't have to make a dying at work. It's time to make a living. 

how it works

This is NOT just another ebook. 

This ebook is like nothing you've ever seen before. 

21 Daily Challenges 

From Day 1, you have daily actions you can take. It's not just about those actions you can take with your hands. But those you can take with your heart too. Like a reframing of your mind.

One of the biggest reframes? Seeing burnout as something positive. Something that reminds you to rest, take a break, and enjoy life. 

It's time to turn the music on, and start splashing in the rain.

21 Days of Inspiration

Take a moment to admire the artwork beside this, rather than quickly scrolling past. There aren't nice-sounding quotes here. But the quotes were hand drawn with local calligrapher Alyletters to build that warm, fuzzy feeling within you. Of being cared for. Of caring for yourself. 

21 Hard Hitting Questions

Each quote leads to a question. Like "What if as far as you were concerned, you were the problem?" It forces you to reflect, look within and figure out how you can better live with burnout, see the good in burnout, rather than seeing burnout as something to get rid of. 

Look at yourself. What are you doing to contribute to the problem?

How much is it? 

No really... how much is it?!

100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If, for any reason, you don't like this amazing plugin, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.




What's in the ebook?

There are 21 handcrafted quotes, with 21 questions, and 21 challenges for you to work through. 

What format is this in?

It's delivered in .epub, which you can easily read on most ebook readers like Kindle. 

What if this doesn't work for me?

You can reach me at John@www.liveyoungandwell.com or arrange a call, and I will be happy to help you move forward with your journey!

Why did you decide to make this?

We were sick and tired of seeing all the expensive $199 courses about burnout, that asked you to watch hours of videos, but ended up delivering little. We saw that the holidays or breaks people asked you to take didn't work because it didn't deal with the fundamental problem. That burnout was a psychological struggle, and a physical struggle. But many didn't deal with the psychological effects of burnout.

We realised that there was something better that could be done. More effective. Cheaper. And more actionable. 

How we designed the cards

Get a behind the scenes look into how calligrapher Alyletters designed these beautiful cards! 

The people behind



John Lim