We power micro-businesses by building their site and marketing - 

super fast.

We build your sites, and ensure that its brand message is amplified quickly with search engine optimisation and traditional PR. 

When businesses start, we understand the struggle.

You want to go fast, but just don't have the time to build the tech tools to scale.

Yes, you know you should be working on your site, your LinkedIn, your Instagram... and a thousand other things. But you just don't have the time. 

You want to grow your reach, but you don't have the contacts or the network. 

You hear advice about how you should cultivate media interest in your brand, blah blah blah... but where do you start? How do you even start? 

You want to have cost discipline, but ad costs just keep growing. 

Sure, you can keep running paid ads to acquire more customers, but how long can your ad budget last before you burn a hole in your pocket?

You want to build your site, but don't know where to start. 

Wix? Wordpress? Shopify? What do you use? And you know that you should put aside a day to do it, but how do you find time?

That's why we built a PR+Tech solution.

Holistic media strategy covering digital and traditional PR 

Most marketers will tell you to 'forget mainstream media'. We help you by reliably getting you media mentions, quickly. 

Clearing the fluff, so you get what you want 

Our team clarifies your message, so customers are immediately clear what they can get from you. When this happens, your impact magnifies. 

Sites built fast

We build sites in 3 days. Super fast. Why? Because we are that familiar with sites, and that clear about what needs to be done.

We've worked with


organisations across sectors such as non-profit, education, service-based businesses, and product businesses


different countries like the U.K., China, Peru, Rwanda, Poland, and Singapore


years in business 


award nominations such as the SG Good Design Award and the Healthcare Humanity Award

We create sites to showcase brands.

Israel Mbonyi, an award-winning Rwandan singer with 320k subscribers on YouTube

Israel faced difficulties with his previous agency, who did not build his site reliably, on time, and on-budget. 

Clarified his brand message

We interviewed Israel to understand what he needed his site to do, and immediately clarified his message so that his audience would engage. 

Reliably built a 'live' site in a week

As Israel was running concerts over the Christmas period, we quickly built a site where his audiences could find him. 

Provided replies and site changes in 24 hours 

Knowing the time-pressed nature of this project, we provided quick replies and site support within 24 hours.

We create content that engages readers to take the next step. 

To further engage their readers on social issues like gambling, legacy planning for children with special needs, we built a series of articles that grew the readership's knowledge of niche areas.

Dollars and sense

media company in Singapore

Interviewing their students, and understanding the 'decision-making' process of parents, we wrote a branded advertorial on Straits Times for HCIS

Hwa Chong International School

international School in Singapore

Seeing the lack of legacy planning amongst the elderly in Singapore, we wrote an article to encourage the elderly to start planning for their futures. 

DBS Bank

Multi-national bank in singapore 

Nottingham University wanted more students to apply for their International Work Experience Grant, and paid us to write an article sharing our experience.

University of Nottingham

University in the U.K., england

We provide the fastest, and most cost-efficient way to amplify your reach.

We could cheat you with some fancy marketing terms, but we won't.

It is your business, that gives life to our future. 

You could do anything else, but you chose to run a business. Something that's incredibly tough. That's why we are here to help. 

They Say

Daryl Omerod

CEO, University of Sheffield Students' Union

I am confident that John's future clients would find his passion, wisdom and courage to raise difficult questions helpful.

Professor John Devaney

Professor, University of Edinburgh

An easy delivery style that can convey complex information in ways which enhance understanding and learning.

John devaney