We make your scaling super easy with full-stack devs on demand.

Devs can be expensive. And when you're just starting out, you never know if it's going to be worth it. 

We help you scale, with expertise and experience.

Scaling a product can be crazy.

If you don't have 3k in monthly revenues, you will never get a developer.

Good devs are expensive

If you want good, reliable developers that can do the work, they are going to cost you at least US$5k per month. 

You need focus for sales

But you don't have the time to do the development yourself, even if you are trained. You need to focus on the sales. 

You need to market

Product is not the only problem. You need to market too. Without marketing, your product is dead. 

Why We Rock (Yes, I Know)

No humble bragging here.

We ask the questions that make sure you get the sale faster. 

Are you sure you need that? Or this? Many times, when we develop a product, we don't think exactly how we are going to get the sale. This is why we focus you on the most important features that get you the sales. 

We build with you, like a family. 

We aren't just outsourced IT services that take your money to run away. Nah, scratch that. We treat our clients like family. That means that we are intimately invested in your project working out, and we've gone to so much effort that we sometimes don't even cover our costs. But it's okay. It's because we believe in making your start-up fly. 

We add in our marketing expertise.

We bring our marketing expertise to the fore by helping you grow your impressions, page views, and site visits, through SEO and getting on the first page of Google. 

Our Team


Business Analyst

tan zi wei developer

Zi Wei

Full Stack Developer 

jason chen developer


Front End Developer

how we built 

An auction-Based Marketplace in 7 days

Deuxstitch needed a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of their auction-based sustainability marketplace featuring used clothes. Within 7 days, we hacked together an auction system with off-the-shelf tools, delivering what they wanted, fast. 

What People Say

Florence Leong

Co-Founder, KosmodeHealth

Thanks for the positive contribution in the website update, and SEO, resulting in increase in Google ranking!

Daryl Omerod

CEO, Sheffield Students' Union

I am confident that John's future clients would find his passion, wisdom and courage to raise difficult questions helpful.

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