November 30

Trust bank account Singapore: Worth using?



Ah, so this is what a bank should feel like.

Fast. Efficient. Smart. Witty. Funny.

I used to love DBS.

But after using Trust for all of 3 weeks, I’ve thrown away my DBS app, and gone fulltime into using Trust as my main banking account.

For everything.

Use them, and you will know why.

Complaints about the waiting time are overrated

I applied for a credit card, and in two weeks, I got it.

The card is tracked, through the app
The card is tracked, through the app

For those who have been rejected by multiple other banks for credit, Trust is different.

Credit seems easier to get on Trust

Full disclosure. I run my own business, and as a result, I have not contributed any CPF since January 2022, this year.

I knew my credit score would be horrible. And I faced it over and over again, with the UOB One Credit Card and the Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card all falling through.

They just didn’t want to extend any credit to me.

Forget it UOB, we're not banking with you
Forget it UOB, we’re not banking with you

But somehow, Trust did. Not sure if it was a fluke.

They gave me $6700 in credit, and allowed me to start spending.

I’m not sure if they are less strict because they are trying to get customers, or if it was just a loophole in their due diligence process.

A bank, redesigned as a digital native

I just loved how I got it.

Instead of a boring envelope, I got something with a lovely sun!

trust bank sg review
Just look at how playful the envelope was

And instead of another boring card filled with numbers, this card, came with no numbers.

Would you believe how smart that is? For the first time, you don’t have to worry about using your card, because there’s no number that people can use to buy things anyway.

No more numbers on the card to worry about.

These small details have made Trust a delight to use.

What was also nice was that you could activate it via Near Field Communication (or NFC). It didn’t work for me with an iPhone SE 2, but it may work for you.

Peep, peep! Fast and speedy

Ever knew how fast Singaporeans walked? Now you know
Ever knew how fast Singaporeans walked? Now you know

When you log into the bank, no more boring interfaces that ask you to authenticate yourself.

You actually get a pretty cool joke.

But as a digital native, it also means that everything is fast and speedy on the app. You no longer have slow loading icons to wait for.

Face or Touch ID to verify yourself, and you’re in.

When I deposited money into the account, the first time I did it, I expected 15 minutes. After all this was usual with the 3 local banks.

Instead, it arrived in seconds.

Refresh, and it was in.

I loved it.

Spending with the Trust card is easy

Trust gives LinkPoints.

Elsewhere, I’ve mentioned how I prefer cashback rather than points back. Points back means that you still need to spend, whereas cash gives you the flexibility to decide what to do with it.

You get live updates on how much points you’ve earned

Everyone has probably struggled with figuring out how much LinkPoints they have left.

Well, not anymore.

trust bank account singapore
Whilst you do have LinkPoints, they can sometimes be hard to check.

Tracking, is not so easy

Trying to find your rewards on the app does take some getting used to.

It’s not the most intuitive thing to do.

You have to click through quite a different screens before you get to the place where you can see your points.

Traditional banks, it’s time to up your game

Trust has thrown down a huge gauntlet for the supposed ‘best bank in the world’ – DBS.

As you use DBS more and more, you will realise how bloated the app is, and how slow it loads.

Just try going to the Home Screen and figuring out which icon to tap to get what you want.

Use something like Wise, Revolut, and now Trust, and you begin to realise what it truly means to live more, and bank less.

It’s about recognising that not everything needs to be done on the app, and that for the average person, the most important functions of a banking app are:

  1. Transfer money quickly
  2. Check your money in
  3. See how much money you have left

DBS, UOB, OCBC? It’s time to up your game.

For the first time, someone is really taking the fight to them. For years, these slumbering giants have sat, thinking that the natural demographic of Singaporeans will end up banking with them, just because… they are there.

Well, no more.

I’m banking with someone different.


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