For babies who get bored easily, and travel. A lot. 

We know you're the parent who loves your baby, but just doesn't have much time to entertain them as you travel. 

We created something to entertain children on the go, whilst being interchangeable. 

When you don't have time for your baby, what do you do?

We don't blame you. Babies can be difficult. 

You're tired. 

Your baby may have kept you up last night. You're probably nodding off, and praying that your baby doesn't run away. 

Traveling can be hell. 

Now that you're traveling on planes, in buses, you need something portable. Quick in, quick out. You really don't want to be picking up puzzle pieces on the floor. 

You'd hate to give your child the phone. 

Sure you can give your child the phone, but you know that causes long term addiction. Yet there just seems no better option. 

As parents, you're just trying your best. 

But you have to keep everything together. Your job. The baby. His healthcare appointments. Yours too. It can be crazy to be a parent. That's why many choose not to. 

But you've chosen differently. You've chosen to have a baby. 

It's not fair though. There aren't many toys out there that can help. 

Most toys are...

  • Expensive. Toystores ask for $100, for a fancy looking toy, that you know your child will lose interest with quickly. 
  • Disengaging over time. Your baby, is a baby! She's going to lose interest very fast, however interesting the toy initially can be. That's why you see more and more toys pile up in your house over time. 
  • Nice to look at, but with no clear educational value. Sure, your baby can play with Barbie, but beyond Barbie looking beautiful, what else can the baby learn from Barbie? Not much. 

We believed there could be a different toy that was fun, educational, and easy to carry. 

We didn't believe the conventional wisdom that toys had to be all about looks. 

cost of buying a house in Singapore

Don't read on. (You might want to buy QuirkBee.)

You still want to read? You've been warned. 

Training of fine motor skills

Frustrated that your child doesn't lift the toilet seat? You'd be surprised at how much motor skill is needed for that. (Try telling that to your husband.)

With locks, latches, and lights that will constantly delight your child, QuirkBee will make your child grow in motor skills. 

Interchangeable toys within 

We were sick and tired of having to buy more and more toys, spending more money, and having to throw away perfectly good toys. 

We created a base that parents could buy for their child, and then buy add-ons that 


Packed in a delightful case, you can open whilst your child is waiting for his food, and pack it up almost immediately. 

Don't want to pick up your children's toys? Ah, your baby will love this so much that he will pack it up himself, carrying it around like his very own briefcase. 

About the inventor


I'm Steph. 

For 5 years, I worked as a research scientist, on the cutting edge of technology, developing new products. Then I found myself being a mum. 

Everything changed. My career was put on hold, and I found myself in a new role, now as a mother. 

And from that experience of being a mum to two children, I resolved to make a difference, with the product development expertise gained over the years. 

Stephanie say Liang fat

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How soon can I get this?

We are open for preorders now. If you order today, you should get it before 25 Dec 2022. After 25 Dec 2022, you will get it delivered within 7 days of ordering.

How can I keep my baby safe whilst he plays with this?

We recommend that you keep your child under close supervision whilst he's using the toy.

Why did you build this toy?

When we saw the toy market out there, we were struck by just how expensive everything was! We decided that there could and should be something cheaper. But we also wanted to help our own babies, to be entertained, whenever they travelled. Our babies have fallen in love with the toy we've created, and still come to us whenever we are working to see if we have any new things in store. 

Where did the name QuirkBee come from?

We wanted to create a name that babies could say too. Putting together the word 'Quirky' and 'Bee', we came up with QuirkBee. Bee represents the dynamic nature of the toy, which we hope will set children alight like a bee! We hope this toy will also be a quite a 'quirky' thing for babies, which constantly engages them.