For your curious baby who travels around, a lot.

QuirkBee is designed for your baby to play and learn. 

Portable, expandable and educational, it ensures your baby learns whilst playing.

*Pictures courtesy of Better Play

Why use quirkbee?

Designed by an expert, for your child to learn 


Filled with different activities on each board, this allows your child to learn different motor and cognitive skills. 


Easy to carry in a sling bag, this means that you can easily bring it around in the plane, in the car, anywhere where there is waiting time. Take it out, and pack it up quickly.  


You don't have to throw away your child's toys. With more boards to add, you can easily grow your child's interest by adding on different boards when your child gets bored. 

QuirkBee is for curious babies who like to play, but also travel, a lot. 

Safe to play with for 0 to 2 year olds

With securely attached items on the board, this ensures that children can play with it, safely, under supervision. 

Different activities on the board to promote fine motor skill development

The boards have different locks, latches, and activities to encourage children to learn how to develop their fine motor skills so they can be confident in the real world. 

Cognitive development

With items like puzzles within, this toy also ensures that children learn too.  

Play on the go 

With boards specially engineered to be lightweight, and accessible, you can bring QuirkBee anywhere, anytime. 

What you get in QuirkBee 

A portable bag 

Lightweight, and made of felt, it's perfect to bring around. 

easy puzzles 

Puzzles of varying difficulties, keep your baby engaged, whatever the age.

4 different boards

There are different boards inside for your child to play with.

travel fuss-free

With no metallic items that will set off airport scanners, this will ensure you can take this on the plane, so your kid is entertained.

Going somewhere?

Want something to play for your child?

It's time to get QuirkBee. 

Want to find out more? We would love to talk.