Ready to sustain the fitness change you want?

Tired of losing a few grams, and then putting on much more?

  • Are you tired of working out, with no visible changes to your physique?
  • Are you tired of looking at yourself in the mirror, patting your tummy, and seeing it wobble?
  • Are you sick of trying the latest diet, and seeing it bomb the moment you step on the scales?
  • Are you tired of seeing picture after picture of hot bods, and then looking at your ‘no bod’?
  • Are you low on motivation to even work out, when nothing seems to change after so much effort?

Hi, I'm John Lim, the CEO of Gutenhag. Recently, I made an embarrassing discovery. 

Despite training 5 times/week and having coaches, my physique never changed.

For 4 years, I had been training under fitness coaches, and going to the gym 5 days a week.
Yet my weight remained stubbornly stuck on 60kg. Every single year. Despite torturing myself with squats, bench presses, and deadlifts 5 times a week, I  saw no sign of a 6-pack.
Only my family pack peeked out under my shirt.

Then came September 2019. Dealing with a painful loss in my life, I let my fitness go. I ate everything I could get my hands on. Whole bars of chocolates. In one sitting.
Within a month, I grew by 8kg.
I became fat, unfit, and unmotivated to change. 

To my credit, I tried. I asked Nicholas, a fitness coach, to help me.
I tracked my calories, traced my workouts, and did everything I could.
The weight stayed. 

Then came COVID. Lockdown in April 2020.
With nothing to do, I exercised everyday. I ate in a more disciplined manner. 
By Aug 2020, I was 54kg. 
A loss of 14kg in 4 months. 

My discovery?
In fitness, it’s not about what you do, but what you don’t do.

Do you want to be fit, and stay fit

Stupid question... of course you do. 

But despite trying everything you can, you find that nothing seems to work permanently. In a few months, you're back where you started. A new year comes, you set new resolutions, and then...

You know what happens. 

You try the latest fitness fad. Spin classes. Body pump. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

You follow the latest food and diet advice. Avocado shakes. Protein powder. Intermittent fasting. 

So what are your options to stay fit and fab?

Are these your options?


Pay for an overpriced gym. 

But the money you pay does not help you to get out of the door, or even help you with your weight in the times you're out of the gym. 


Pay for a trainer. 

But your trainer can only give you a list of exercises, correct your form, and then leave you after a few sessions. 


Buy an online course/app. 

But your app is not going to help you get the commitment to even exercise... does it?

Now imagine...

That you work out, whether or not you like it. 

That you get to eat cheat meals, in a healthy way, whilst having your weight under control. 

That you get a system that works, when you work out. 

This is not a series of tips and tricks. It's a system that works.

You might wonder what the secret to my 14kg loss in 4 months was. What's more important, is how I've maintained that even 4 months later

Like you, I was frustrated and wondering how I would lose weight without access to a gym during lockdown. I was angry that over 5 months, I had paid good money for coaching and gyms, only to see no change in the scales. I wanted to give up. 

Maybe being fit is just not my thing.

That's a lie. You can keep telling yourself that being fit is not your thing... and end up regretting. 

The Four Horsemen of Fitness - The Myths that Destroy Your Fitness

You probably have had some memory of the graph above. Occasional drops where you shout 'YAY!' But then the weight comes back up again. You see your weight plateauing. You work harder. But nothing changes. 

How do you move from fit to fat to fit? You challenge your own myths and assumptions. 

You've probably heard some version of this before. 

What I eat doesn’t matter, as long as I work out.

I need lots of time to be fit.

I don’t feel very motivated today, I will work out tomorrow.

I can never get fit, not after failing so many times.

Slaying the 4 Horsemen

myth 1

What I eat doesn't matter, as long as I work out

I used to think that way. I would eat rich desserts, drink milk, and tell myself: I’m going to work out anyway. I will burn it off.
What I didn’t realise is that when certain foods enter our body, it slows our metabolism.
It does damage to our bodies. Because let’s face it. Whatever you put in your body, has the capacity to help, or harm your body.
There’s no middle ground.
It is helping or it is harming.
There’s no food that helps AND harms the body.

myth 2

I don’t feel very motivated today, I will work out tomorrow.

Ah, the classic procrastinator. Waiting for motivation to strike.
Here’s a secret.
Motivation begins after your exercise, not before.
Very often, you think that you need motivation to get started on your exercise. But it’s not motivation you need. It’s commitment.
Commitment to put on your trainers, and to get out of your house.
If you think Joseph Schooling waits for motivation to wake up at 4am to train, then you’re wrong.
He does it whether or not he likes it. That’s not motivation.
That’s just putting on your trainers, and getting out.

myth 3

I can never get fit, not after failing so many times.

You’ve probably tried everything, and you’re tired.
You look at people like Nicholas, with his six-packs. Or the other trainers online with their six-packs too.
You look at your family pack, and you’re tired of trying again.
You’re tired of trying another course that promises much, and ends up delivering little.
You and I know that it’s not about how much you know, but how much you apply.
In other words, not knowledge. But implementation.
We want to share with you the Failsafe Method. Which means that even if you do 1% of what we tell you to do, that’s enough to see radical changes in your physique.
More than that, it’s not about the body. It’s also about the mind. It’s your mind who gets you down, who tells you that you will never succeed. 

Myth 4

I need lots of time to be fit. 

You don’t need lots of time, you need quality time.
Between April and Aug 2020, I was writing a book, working, studying, and launching a product.
There were days when I only had 15 minutes to work out before hopping onto the next thing.
Here’s the thing.
It’s not how much you do, it’s how often you do.
Since 7 Apr 2020, I have not missed a single day of workout. I intend to keep it that way. If you think that’s crazy, it’s not.
If I can, I give an hour to my workout. If I can’t, I give 15 minutes.
Don’t tell me you don’t have time. If you have time for Instagram, you’ve definitely got time for this.
It’s whether you want to do it.

You wouldn't stop here, would you? 

Now that you know all these, you wouldn't stop here, would you? 

You would be wondering about what the knowledge you need is, and how to implement it. When I was stuck at my weight for 6 months, I wanted to give up. Maybe you do too.

Don't. You're doing fantastic things by not giving up.  

What do you need? 

3 things. Knowledge. Application. Follow up. 

Simple to read, not so simple to do. Why? Because out on the Internet, there's so much conflicting advice about what works, and what doesn't work, that you begin to wonder... 

Does anything even work? 

Introducing... Boot Camp

9 to 11 April 2021

Featuring Nicholas Ng, Mr World Singapore 2020. 

Over 3 days and 2 nights, you get to live in with Mr World Singapore. Learn how he moved from Mr Scrawny to Mr World. 

And how you can too. 

  1. 1
    3 days 2 nights in a resort tucked away. For maximum focus, and action. 
  2. 2
    Practical lessons to build out your own routines, habits, and mindset 
  3. 3
    Build relationships with a community of others equally vested in their fitness
  4. 4
    Follow up with 1 live coaching session from Nicholas, 2 mindset coaching sessions with John, and 3 mastermind sessions. 

What People Are Saying About Us

He prompted thought into what could be done to help students to develop their fullest potential. 

I am confident that John's future clients would find his passion, wisdom and courage to raise difficult questions helpful.

Daryl Omerod
- CEO, University of Nottingham Students' Union

John’s teaching was innovative and inspiring.

I am confident that John’s humour, passion and integrity will contribute significantly to organisations.

Andrew Murphy
- Assistant Professor, University of Nottingham 

The 3 Day 2 Night, Boot Camp

Boot Camp is a 3 day 2 night, live, face to face, series of lessons designed to help you build the achieve your fitness goals, and keep to them. 

We only take 6 people. 

We want to make sure you have the attention you need. We want to be sure that you don't lose out. 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

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You missed out!

John Lim

CEO, Gutenhag 

John Lim

In his free time, John loves dogs. But in his not-so-free time, he's busy coaching people to understand, unlock and unleash their fullest potential. He has coached clients from Indonesia, Thailand, Russia, Spain and the U.K.  

John won a fully funded academic scholarship to read social work in the U.K., and then proceeded to work as a social worker in Singapore. 

Nicholas Ng 

Fitness Trainer

Nicholas Ng 

Nicholas Ng is Mr World Singapore 2020. He coaches clients to achieve their best selves, through an evidence-based practice backed by the best scientific research. 

When Nicholas is not working out, he's busy reading more science journals on cutting-edge research about fitness. 

Maybe you’re thinking, this is just another marketing ploy to get my money. 

John and Nicholas are really disciplined. They've been working out for so long.
I can’t possibly sustain the change, given that I’ve failed so many times.
Let’s be honest. You’re never going to recommend us if you don’t have any transformation.
Well, that’s why we’re not abandoning you after we’ve taken your money.

You will follow up with one live, personal 1-1 coaching session with Nicholas.
To talk about your mindset, you will also have 2 coaching sessions with John.
Then, you will have 3 mastermind sessions where you can share about your difficulties, and get the opinions of the group. 

Will this really work? 

Look at the results.

You have Nicholas, who went from Mr Scrawny to Mr World Singapore 2020. You have John, who went from fit to fat to fitter. He has an idea of what it's like to start with zero fitness, rather than someone who has always been fit. 

You might not always be fit. Well, it's time to. Fitness is not about fitness.

It's about a way of life.

Boot Camp VS Everything Else

You can spend $80 on a coaching session. Or $800 on a year's gym membership. Or $77 on another course. 

Why spend on ours?

Why Boot Camp?

  • You get all the knowledge, backed by research, amidst all the conflicting ideas out on the Internet. 
  • You get focus on the mindset that gets you out of the door, and to a workout. 
  • You get a community of equally vested buddies that want fitness. 
  • You get a system that works, not some temporary tips and tricks. 
  • You get access to Nicholas, Mr World Singapore 2020, exclusively for 3 days and 2 nights. 

Why not something else?

  • $80 coaching session corrects your form, gives you a list of things to do, but does little about your mindset. 
  • $800 gym membership looks fancy, but who's going to get you out of the door? 
  • $77 course looks shiny on your computer, but who's going to ensure that you follow through?
  • You can get free advice from Google or books, but does it work?
  • You get advice from your fitter friends, but they have different physiques and metabolism to you... isn't it?

What you get

  • 1. The Millennium Mastermind - the unique conversation method that draws on the expertise of the group, to build you up
  • 2. The Boot Camp - live in with Mr World Singapore, see how he trains, eats, and thinks about his fitness
  • 3. The 3 Success Suckers - the 3 foods the food industry hides from you, that will ultimately destroy your success 
  • 4. The Failsafe Method - the catch-bar method that saves you when you feel like you have no time, no space, and no motivation to exercise
  • 5. The Happy Habits - the habits that build a greater degree of happiness and progress within your workouts, and reduce the friction between you and your workout
  • 6. The Different Difference Model - to sustain change, we don’t just abandon you after you leave us. We don’t just take your money and run. We continue with 1 personal coaching session with Nicholas, 2 mind coaching sessions with John, and 3 masterminds in 3 months.
  • 7. The Holy Triumvirate - Body. Soul. Spirit.  We don't just talk about the physical things you have to do. But we talk about how you approach your mindset. Or how you even think about why workouts are important. 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't get the body you want by 3 months, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if COVID restrictions change so that we won't be able to come?

What is so different about Boot Camp?

What time do you start, and what time do you end? 

Where will this be held? 

P.S.: Over the years, you've probably seen your fair share of Mike Chang workouts that promise much, but deliver little. You realise that after giving it your all for months, nothing still seems to change. WHY? We understand why you might wonder if this is another fitness product that WON'T work. We make no promises. All we have are systems that have worked, and have delivered results. We trust they will be the same for you. 

If you're tired of trying the latest thing with no guarantee of success, this is NOT the latest thing. This is just pure systems, backed by years of research, and experimented on with our own bodies. 

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