Stop the pain and vicious cycle of binge eating.
Overcome it today.

I suffered binge eating twice in 4 years. Yet I still ended up winning an overseas scholarship, starting a business, and leading a team. 
You too, can.

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About John.

I suffered through binge eating after facing the first major decision of my life - deciding which university course to study. And I found food to be the perfect way to distract myself from the pain of having to make a decision. Within a month, I grew by 8kg. 

The second time, I felt lost and empty after graduating at the top of university. Again, I tried to stuff the emptiness within me with more and more food, never realising how to stop.

From those two experiences, I saw a psychiatrist, therapists, and social workers, and even joined support groups like Overeaters Anonymous to get more help.

This book covers what can help.

Stop suffering with these simpler steps.

Here's how to get started:

Decide early and often.

Often our trigger for binge eating can be because of unmade decisions where we are still thinking through a major decision. But there is no perfect decision. Think through the last major decision you made. There was probably no serious repercussions.

Talk to people. 

Binge eating is an illness that thrives in darkness and shame. Talking to friends, about what you're going through can help you better deal with what you're facing.

Consult professionals. 

Stop worrying about whatever mental health records you will leave behind. Speak to a professional to get help. They can help you process your emotions and help you to grow through this. 

Avoid triggers. 

Create a list of items that you know will trigger a binge. For me, it was chocolates, flour-based items like bread, and sweets. Avoid them like the plague. This will help you to maintain your recovery. 

What you get with this book

Nah, don't waste your money. This is a better way to get help. 

"Emotional First Aid", to solve the daily emotional cuts of life and help you feel immediately better

Often you may find yourself starting yet another binge when you find yourself mildly affected by a small incident. This book gives emotional first aid methods that can patch you up and help you feel better, quickly.

The "Understand-Unlock-Unleash" framework, to answer the big questions of life

Often we are pushed into anxious, emotional overeating, because we think through big decisions like what we are supposed to do with life, or who we are, and there are no easy answers to this. This book gives better frames to help you understand. 

2-3-4, to sustain your progress 

We find ourselves failing in our progress because it's not just starting, but sustaining progress that matters. This weekly newsletter shares principles to help you grow, everyday, every week, every month. 

They Say

Dr Geraldine Tan

Director, The Therapy Room

This book is raw, and real. A Singaporean child will read and be able to understand the yearnings and pains of the system. 

Dr Daniel Fung

CEO, Institute of Mental Health

A must-read for parents, educators, social workers, and anyone interested in the mental well-being of young people.

Don't suffer any longer with your binge eating.

You don't have to be conquered by the big black dog of binge eating. You can conquer it, with the help of this book.