Stop feeling lost and purposeless in life.  

You might feel lost, and not too sure about what you're put on this Earth to do. You're not sure if you're just wasting your time sitting through your job.

You're barely excited to wake up, and less excited to move on through life. 

In this book, John shares the story of how he moved from being suicidal, to winning a scholarship - and regained his sense of meaning and purpose.

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Perhaps this is what you struggle with

You're not excited about the work you do.

You find yourself dragging yourself to work and not too sure about what you're doing with the work there. You're looking at the clock and just wanting to go home. ASAP.

You struggle with the relationships around you.

You're dating, but not getting attached. You're staring down the barrel of a long Sunday afternoon with little to do. You're lost and empty. 

You're not getting to where you want to in life.

Deep down you know that you want more - you hope for more, but you're just not getting there.

You're not sure of what the future even holds. 

You wonder if it's even worth fighting for a better future.

John was once suicidal and lost. 4 months later, he won an overseas scholarship.

Like you, I was once lost. I didn't know what to do with my life. I stuffed myself with cakes, chocolates and cookies to fill the void within me. Yet somehow, in a mere 4 months, I won a scholarship.

How did that even happen? It happened because I learnt how to use my small painful emotions for good, and to grow them into something more worthwhile. 

Learn more in the book.

Build a greater life, not one that is boring, and one you settle for.

They Say

Dr Geraldine Tan

Director, The Therapy Room

This book is raw, and real. A Singaporean child will read and be able to understand the yearnings and pains of the system. 

Dr Daniel Fung

CEO, Institute of Mental Health (Singapore)

A must-read for parents, educators, social workers, and anyone interested in the mental well-being of young people.

You will get 


Clear strategies of how to tackle the big question on finding life's meaning and purpose and what to do with your life. 


Principles on building better friendships with the people who matter to you 


Emotional first aid methods to deal with the daily cuts and wounds of life